Kerrithrarr was a male Wookiee politician in the Rebel Alliance. Active during the last years of the Galactic Empire, he became a key signatory on the New Republic Provisional Council. When the Provisional Council became the New Republic Senate in 7 ABY, Kerrithrarr continued to represent the interests of Kashyyyk as senior Senator.


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Kerrithrarr was a black-furred, male Wookiee[1] from the planet Kashyyyk. During the reign of Emperor Palpatine's Galactic Empire, Kerrithrarr worked with the Rebel Alliance to wage war against Palpatine's regime and restore a democratic government to power.[2] The war culminated at the Battle of Endor in 4 ABY, which resulted in the death of Emperor Palpatine and his second-in-command, Darth Vader, as well as the destruction of the second Imperial Death Star Superweapon and much of the Imperial Fleet.[source?]

In the wake of the victory at Endor, Alliance High Command convened a month-long Constitutional Convention to establish a new government.[3] One week after the Battle of Endor, the Alliance leadership drafted the Declaration of the Alliance of Free Planets, a document that promised equality, tolerance, social responsibility, and morality to the galaxy. Representing Kashyyyk, Kerrithrarr placed his signature on the document, alongside other important leaders of the Alliance, including Admiral Gial Ackbar of Mon Calamari, Doman Beruss of Corellia, Borsk Fey'lya of Kothlis, Verrinnefra B'thog Indriummsegh of Elom, Mon Mothma of Chandrila, Leia Organa representing the destroyed planet Alderaan, Jenssar SoBilles of Duro, and Sian Tevv of Sullust.[4]

Little consensus was achieved by the Convention. However, attending members agreed to established a Provisional Council,[3] consisting of Kerrithrarr, Ackbar, Beruss, Fey'lya, Indriummsegh, Mothma, the recently married Leia Organa Solo, and Tevv,[5] to handle the matters of daily government while formal details were discussed and ratified.[3] During this time, Kerrithrarr attended Alliance historian Voren Na'al's Report to the Provisional Council of the Alliance of Free Planets; a detailed summation of the events after the destruction of the second Death Star. The Report focused primarily on the Bakura Incident,[4] an attack on the planet Bakura by the race of reptilian Ssi-ruuk[6] that occurred the day after the Endor victory.[7]

Within five weeks of the Battle of Endor,[4] Councilor Kerrithrarr, along with other members of the Provisional Council, signed and legitimized the Declaration of a New Republic. This new declaration formally dissolved the Alliance to Restore the Republic and established the democratic New Republic with Mon Mothma as its Chief of State.[8]

As the New Republic unified and expanded, internal schisms fractured the Imperial Navy, and a number of splinter factions vied for control of the Empire's remaining holdings. Grand Vizier Sate Pestage, who had assumed control of the majority of the Empire's forces after Palpatine's death, made arrangements to defect to the New Republic after he discovered that Ysanne Isard, Director of Imperial Intelligence, plotted to overthrow him. Isard informed the Empire's Ruling Council of Pestage's defection, and the former Grand Vizier was captured. As the New Republic Provisional Council debated rescuing Pestage, it was ultimately Councilor Kerrithrarr's words that swayed the operation's key decrier, Borsk Fey'lya, to support the rescue.[9]

As the New Republic continued to wrest worlds from Imperial control, Councilor Fey'lya called for a summit of the Provisional Council in order to discuss taking control of the planet Coruscant, the galactic capital for both the Empire and its predecessor, the Old Republic. Fey'lya knew that he would butt heads with Councilor Ackbar, and selected the planet Noquivzor to be the summit's location, as its warm, dry savannas would be an uncomfortable setting for his predicted opponents. Kerrithrarr, who was from the heavily forested Kashyyyk, was among those targeted by the subtle manipulation. While all of the councilors agreed that taking Coruscant was vital, and would greatly benefit perceptions of the New Republic, they disagreed on which methods were needed to secure the planet. After Noquivzor was attacked by Zsinj, a former Imperial Admiral and a powerful, self-proclaimed Warlord, Ackbar eventually supported Fey'lya's tactical proposals. Ackbar believed that the conquest of Coruscant needed to be hastened so the New Republic could sooner focus bringing Zsinj to justice.[1]

As the New Republic took control of Coruscant, Ysanne Isard released a virulent plague into the planet's lower levels. While discussing the plague, Kerrithrarr suggested a militarized approach to quarantine the spread of the virus.[10]

In 17 ABY, the New Republic senate suffered a series of bombings attributed to Kueller, a former student of the Jedi Praxeum who had turned to the dark side of the Force. An emergency vote to replace the delegates lost in the attacks with former Imperials was held. Senator Kerrithrarr voted in the minority, and was one of only fifteen senators to oppose the emergency elections.[11]

Behind the scenes[]

In the Star Wars Encyclopedia, authored by Stephen J. Sansweet and published by Del Rey in 1998, a female Wookiee named Kybacca is described as the senior Wookiee New Republic senator who opposed allowing former Imperials to serve in the senate. The Encyclopedia sources the entry to Kristine Kathryn Rusch's 1996 novel, The New Rebellion.[12] However, the novel makes no mention of any Kybacca. Instead, it is Kerrithrarr who is the senior Wookiee senator, and who is one of the few senators to oppose the election of former Imperial officials to New Republic positions.[11] The 2000 reference book A Guide to the Star Wars Universe, Third Edition, Revised and Expanded[13] and the 2008 compendium, The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, both reprint the Star Wars Encyclopedia's Kybacca entry.[14]. An entry for Kerrithrarr is added to The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia, however.[2]

In Bantam Doubleday Dell Audio Publishing's abridged audio cassette of X-Wing: Wedge's Gamble, Kerithrarr is mentioned once simply as "Wookiee senator," however all other narrative involving Kerrithrarr is removed.[15] The abridging process completely removes Kerrithrarr from Bantam Doubleday Dell Audio Publishing's rendition of X-Wing: The Krytos Trap,[16] Shield of Lies,[17] and The New Rebellion[18].



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