Kerts-Bhrg generator

A Kerts-Bhrg field generator in orbit.

A Kerts-Bhrg generator was a large, cone-shaped power amplification device designed to project a field of energy capable of withstanding extreme levels of stellar radiation.


When a central control generator was aligned with four similar devices, they could generate a three-dimensional force field in the shape of a pyramid. The walls of the force field could withstand temperatures in excess of 8,000 degrees. The field projection radius was variable, and could be expanded large enough to envelop an entire star fleet.

Each generator was equipped with a maintenance station containing base-mounted solar collectors, which tapped into the ultraviolet radiation of a nearby star. The central control generator, universally located at the apex of each pyramid, was equipped with a thruster system that could counteract the centrifugal force generated by the gravitational pull of a nearby star. By doing so, the Kerts-Bhrg generator was able to maintain a geosynchronous orbit within a star's corona.


Shortly after the establishment of the Rebel Alliance base on Arbra in 3 ABY, Princess Leia had a Kerts-Bhrg pyramid field projected around the entire fleet. This allowed their ships to effectively hide from Imperial forces by passing through the chromosphere of the Arbran sun.

Hours after establishing the field however, an absorption circuit on the central generator overloaded, greatly diminishing power to the field. Noxious fumes flooded the command station, knocking out all of the maintenance personnel. C-3PO and R2-D2, unaffected by the fumes, were forced to run conduit cables between one of the Rebel ships and the control generator in order to stabilize the field's power fluctuations.

The Star Home made use of six Kerts-Bhrg generators.



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