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Kesh capitol building

This capitol building was located in the city of Tahv, the capital of the planet Kesh.

Destruction[edit | edit source]

It was a large, glass-domed building located in the center of a cluster of buildings in the Circle Eternal, which had previously been a large public plaza in Tahv. The interior was dark, with stone floors and a fountain of running water. This building was several stories high, and housed the Circle Chambers in it's upper levels, which were accessible via a winding staircase.

History[edit | edit source]

The Tribe's founder and first Grand Lord Yaru Korsin began constructing the Kesh capitol building in 4975 BBY. The capitol building was constructed to commemorate the twenty-fifth anniversary of the Tribe's arrival on Kesh. Prior to that, the Tribe had resided on a mountainside Sith Temple which had been built over the Sith starship Omen in the Takara Mountains. Following the death of Yaru Korsin that year, his daughter Nida Korsin ordered the entire Tribe to move to Tahv and made the capitol building the residence of the Grand Lord. The capitol building also housed the Tribe's historical archive and the office of the Caretaker, who was charged with safeguarding the Tribe's historical records and timekeeping.

The capitol building fell into ruins during the Time of the Rot, a 960 period of instability and civil war which had occurred following the death of Grand Lord Lillia Venn during the Night of the Upside-Down Meteor in 3960 BBY. The only place within the building which remained intact by 3000 BBY was the office of the Caretaker which contained the Tribe's archives and a Sandpipe used for measuring time. The capitol building's grand atrium was also the meeting place for the various leaders of the Sith factions on Testament Day when the Testament of Yaru Korsin was read out to the Tribe. During the Great Crisis, Sith rioters looted and sacked the archives, destroying many historical parchments and the Sandpipe.

During the Hilts Restoration, Grand Lord Varner Hilts oversaw the restoration of the capitol building to its former glory. It became the official residence of the Grand Lord and his family again. In 2975 BBY, the Alanciari hostage Jogan Halder was welcomed into the capitol building as a guest of the Sith. As a ruse to convince Halder that the Sith were the benevolent Protectors, Halder was told by his Keshiri guides that the Sith always resided within the capitol building where they meditated peacefully. He was also permitted to meet the Circle of Lords, who also met in that building.

Following a failed assassination attempt against Grand Lord Hilts in 2974 BBY, the Sith anarchist Parlan Spinner was brought into Hilts' parlor in the capitol building. There, Hilts made the decision to spare Spinner's life and sent the youth to work as a sailor aboard the Alanciari sailing ship Southern Star. During the Siege of Tahv that same year, parts of the Kesh capitol building were damaged by the Sith Lord Remulus Dreypa's Leviathans. However, these were destroyed by Spinner's Jedi starship. Following the defeat of Dreypa, the capitol building along with the rest of Tahv was rebuilt.

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