The Keshiri Burial Cairns were an extensive network of tombs used by the Keshiri, the native sentient species of the planet Kesh. The burial cairns were located beneath the Circle Eternal in Tahv, the capital city of the Lost Tribe of Sith on the planet. Following the Great Calamity, the stranded Jedi ancestors of the Doomed hid a starship deep within the burial cairns. Around 2974 BBY, the Lost Tribe castaway Parlan Spinner attempted to desecrate the burial cairns but was prevented from doing so by Takara Hilts, the Prefect of the Tahv Constabulary. However, Spinner managed to escape but was captured following a failed assassination attempt on Grand Lord Varner Hilts.

Following the Battle of Sessal Spire, the Doomed leader Kaliska revealed the existence and location of the Last Hope to Spinner and Hilts. She tried to convince Spinner to destroy the starship. Spinner returned to the burial cairns and managed to reactivate the Last Hope, taking it for a brief joyride into the upper atmosphere. Spinner subsequently used the starship to defeat the ancient Dark Jedi Remulus Dreypa and was elevated to the status of a hero within Sith society on Kesh. The burial cairns and the front courtyard of the Circle Eternal were damaged during the takeoff.



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