"It's pretty."
Ben Skywalker upon hearing Keshiri for the first time[src]

Keshiri was the language spoken by members of the Keshiri species from the planet of Kesh. It was in use by the species around 5000 BBY, when a group of Sith crashed on the planet in their starship, the Omen. The Keshiri, who believed the Sith to be their gods, began to serve them, and learned Galactic Basic Standard. By 41 ABY, many Keshiri spoke this language, although they still used their native tongue and retained the accompanying lilting accent. This language was also spoken by certain Humans of the Sith Tribe, including Sith Saber Gavar Khai and his daughter, Vestara. While meeting briefly aboard the ship of Luke Skywalker and his son, Ben, the two Sith used it to communicate with each other so that the Skywalkers could not understand what they were saying, knowing that the Jedi would be recording their conversation. Luke Skywalker presented the recording to C-3PO, who managed to provide a rough translation of their words, despite never having come into contact with the language before. Criik and Sharstung were known curse words of the Keshiri language and Ese meant yes. Also there are some known numbers such as: zero as oh, two as wees, three as ees, four as nesh and seven as set.


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