"Stay strong, Tilden Kaah. With your help—and with the help of all of us here—the Keshiri will finish the job. I brought this plague upon us. And I will end it."
―Adari Vaal, addressing the Keshiri resistance[src]

The Keshiri resistance was a group of Keshiri led by Adari Vaal, dedicated to the removal of the Sith Tribe from Kesh. In 4975 BBY, the resistance group was purged by Nida Korsin; Vaal and several other members were forced to flee into exile, while the rest were killed.


In 5000 BBY, a group of Sith crash-landed on the planet Kesh and were stranded there. They came into contact with the native Keshiri, many of whom believed the Sith to be their gods, the Skyborn. As such, the Keshiri willingly submitted to Sith rule. However, within fifteen years of the Sith arrival, many Keshiri—including Adari Vaal, the Keshiri who had first met the Sith—had grown very opposed to the Sith presence. As such, they formed the resistance in an attempt to undermine the Sith on Kesh, force them offworld, and free the Keshiri species.[1]

Though the resistance did not organize the Red Sith Purge—a purge of all of the Red Sith on Kesh—they secretly supported it.[1] Ten years later, in 4975 BBY, Vaal prepared the resistance for a strike against the Sith to weaken their hold on Kesh by stealing their uvak. However, Nida Korsin, the daughter of Grand Lord Yaru Korsin, discovered their plans, and foiled them—many Keshiri in the resistance, including Vaal, were forced into exile, while the rest were killed.[2] The Keshiri species remained indentured to the Sith for millennia, slowly achieving some equality, including the ability for Force-sensitive members to join the Tribe.[3]

By 3960 BBY, the Keshiri servants told a legend of the flight of the Keshiri resistance, with the moral that it was not their own right to decide their destiny, the right of the Sith to do so. Nevertheless, the Sith Saber Orielle Kitai believed that the Keshiri who had fled into exile were the greatest Keshiri who ever lived because they had denied the Sith any such right.[4]


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