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Kessel: Hell in Space was one of the Planet Hoppers articles published by Wizards of the Coast and detailed the planet Kessel. It was written by Cory J. Herndon in May 2003.


Rotten to the Core
"In which a young Wookiee accepts enslavement on Kessel to save his family's lives."
In the Land of the Blind
"In which young Wookiee slave Gyylghrard gets a dressing-down from prisoner-official Moruth Doole."
Hope in Darkness
"In which a few bold Wookiees and a group of slave children honor tradition even in the Mines of Kessel."
On the Moon
"In which Gyylghrard pulls janitorial duty in the administrative wings of the prison."
The Warden
"In which a young Wookiee slave meets his oppressor and makes a fateful choice."


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