The Kessel Station complex, bathed in the twilight of the Maw

Kessel Station was a Golan III Space Defense NovaGun station under service to the Galactic Empire in the Kessel sector. It had six Kessel Station Holding Cells—three on each side—that were in the form of Cargo Facility 2s. The station was surrounded by multiple black holes known as the Maw, making a blind hyperspace jump extremely risky without knowledge of the proper hyperspace routes. Trying to calculate one was difficult and took time.

Antan Azzameen led his nephews Emon Azzameen and Ace Azzameen, and his niece Aeron Azzameen on a mission to the station, claiming that their father, Tomaas, and brother Galin were still alive and were being held there. However, this was a ruse, and the Imperial II-class Star Destroyer Devastator arrived to try and capture the siblings while Antan Azzameen, in the Big Score, was free to go. Fortunately for the siblings, Dunari's Deadman's Hand arrived in the nick of time to provide them with a hyperspace route to escape.



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