Kessendra Stadium was a large open-air sports arena located on the edge of the capital city of Kessendra on the planet Kessel. Access to the stadium could be gained by one of two main thoroughfares, Spice Mines Avenue and Slave Lord Boulevard. The Stadium was frequently used to sponsor gladiatorial war games. Slaves from the Kesselian spice mines were forced to participate in lethal combat, while gamblers from all across the galaxy placed huge wagers on the outcome.

Five years after the Battle of Yavin, members of the Central Committee of Grand Moffs used the stadium as a platform to consolidate their power and promote a new heir to the Galactic Empire. Members of the Senate Planetary Intelligence Network learned of this secret meeting and sent a disguised C-3PO and R2-D2 to Kessel on a fact-finding mission.

At the secret Imperial convention, Grand Moff Bertroff Hissa presented, Trioculus, the mutant "son" of the late Emperor Palpatine to the masses. Trioculus declared himself the rightful ruler of the Empire and demonstrated his power by blasting a critical Grand Admiral and Royal Guard with a lethal dose of Force lightning.



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