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Ketch was a male Weequay who was a regular patron of Cid's Parlor on Ord Mantell. He was usually seen in the company of the Ithorian Bolo.[1]


Ketch was a male Weequay who lived on Ord Mantell.[1] In 19 BBY,[2] he used to frequent Cid's Parlor with his good friend Bolo. They often fought, drank and played dejarik there. He first met the Bad Batch while the clones were looking for Cid.[1]

Some time later, when the Bad Batch had finished a mission for Cid, Ketch and Bolo saw that Omega was training with a Zygerrian energy bow and started making bets if she would hit the mark or not. Omega became annoyed at their snickering, but Echo told her to ignore them. Soon after, Cid arrived and shooed them away.[3]

After the Batch returned from a mission to retrieve a lizard from the Rhokai gang, Bolo and Ketch were playing dejarik in the bar. When Wrecker, Omega and some other patrons had left, and Hunter, Tech and Echo were with Cid in her office, Bolo and Ketch were alone in the bar with one other person, the disguised Captain Rex. Bolo took offence to Rex sitting in his seat and told him to move, a request which he pointedly ignored by sipping on his drink. When Ketch told his friend that the man was ignoring them, Bolo restated his demand. The situation escalated quickly, and Rex forced the two to flee by firing two warning shots with one of his blaster pistols. Upon bursting out of her office in response to the noise, Cid, Hunter, Echo and Tech saw Bolo and Ketch running out of the bar, with Bolo demanding that Ketch get out of his way.[4]

Later on, Cid's Parlor had been seized by Roland Durand, but Cid had a plan to take the parlor back. Ketch and Bolo had a part in this plan: they were to distract Durand. Ketch walked past him, dropping some grains of Mantell Mix behind, enticing Roland´s pet Ruby to follow them. Soon after, Durand saw that Ruby was missing and went looking for her, giving time for Cid and the Bad Batch to enter the office and steal his spice. The duo fled when Durand found them.[5]

Behind the scenes[]

Ketch was voiced by Sam Riegel.[1]



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