Keth Beamis was a Male Human Alliance Intelligence member who worked as a talented scout during the start of the Galactic Civil War.


In 2 BBY,[1] Beamis was stationed on the planet Beltrix III searching for talent and was impressed by Ryley Ancum's Far Cry band. After dismissing Onjo Fegel and his band when the scout was approached by two Tuttin System Security Force Officers, after one of them then questioned him on Maiferri Tag, a female individual who was arrested on espionage charges. The officers then arrested both Keth and Ry and were placed in separated cells.

Ryley was soon afterwards released by Shran Etison, the governer and his legal guardian who vouched for him, while Keth was forced to stay and was later under interrogation regarding Alliance activities in Beltrix III and Maiferri Tag. However, while he instead talked about Ryley and his Far Cry Band he committed suicide by triggering an Affide crystal inside a drilled tooth of his before any useful information could be extracted from him.

His death was relayed by Shran who wanted to recruit Ryley, unaware of his loyalties to the Alliance into trying to expose the Rebel activities on Beltrix III and was tasked to lay a trap with Onjo Fegel. Ryley managed to send a rig a comlink and use his Bass vye to send a signal to warn the Rebels of the impending sting operation causing them to cover their tracks and deny Onjo his promotion.

Personality and traitsEdit

Keth Beamis was a male human with a long nose and high forehead, he had a drooping moustache and a blond pony tail that reached his neck. During his questioning and interrogation, he was able to remain calm despite the pressure, acting confident that he was innocent and insisting on there being a mistake as he was put in his cell as well as talking about Far Cry and what he was offering them which was a distraction for him to trigger his Affide crystal. His suicide indicated that was willing to die for the Alliance rather then spill the inner workings of the Rebel ring.



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