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The Ketton were a species of solitary nomads who roamed the Great Dalvechan Deserts of their homeworld, Ket.

Appearance and biology[]

Adapted to the deserts of their home planet, the Ketton had slit-like eyes which could be shielded from sandstorms, and long, hollow fangs used to suck the liquid from succulent desert plants. Though they were covered in a chitinous, brownish-colored shell, they were actually more mammalian in their biology. Adult Ketton averaged 1.3 to 1.7 meters in height, and usually had light brown or tan shells (though they ranged from white to dark brown in color).[1]


While their fangs and natural armor made them appear to be dangerous, they were generally a peaceful people. When forced to fight, they refrained from soiling their fangs in combat.[1] Despite their solitary lifestyle, Ketton had a strong sense of community, and would go out of their way to help other Ketton.

The spy Derrida was a Ketton.[2][3]


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