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Ketwol was a male Pacithhip. He was present at Chalmun's Spaceport Cantina on that fateful day in 0 BBY when Luke Skywalker came there with Obi-Wan Kenobi.


Ketwol was an asteroid miner and prospector, traveling around the galaxy aboard his battered freighter, the Herd Mother. Like all members of his species, Ketwol's legs were very short, so short that he opted to employ a pair of robotic stilts that raised his height to that of most humanoids.

Ketwol was generally pleasant but kept to himself. Even so, he managed to annoy a companion of his at the cantina. He was also peaceful but very skilled with a small blaster hidden in his robes. He befriended the Human female Swilla Corey in Mos Eisley, and helped her rebuild her life.

An enemy of the Galactic Empire, Ketwol supplied the Rebel Alliance with materials and information. During the day that the Empire invaded Mos Eisley, he forced a squad of sandtroopers marching towards the rebel Anchorhead Base led by the Imperial spy Garindan into retreat.

During a mining operation in an unidentified asteroid belt, a lone TIE Fighter was sent into the belt to find any hiding rebels. By detonating a mine-field, he destroyed the attacker.

Behind the scenes[]

Ketwol employed robotic stilts to increase his height.

Ketwol was added to the 1997 Special Edition re-release of A New Hope to replace Lak Sivrak. The Ketwol puppet was reversed and used for the character of Melas as well.

Ketwol and Melas were both played by special effect artist Howie Weed.

Ketwol's mechanical stilts were never seen on-screen in the special edition of Star Wars. The Hasbro action figure was the first time this was depicted.



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Notes and references[]

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