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The Key to the Vaults was a Rakata device designed to provide access to the prison vaults located underground on the planet Belsavis. This mechanism eventually fell into the hands of the Galactic Republic when they converted part of the planet to their own prison. In this time, it was located in the hands of a Republic officer by the name of Captain Black. During the Cold War, the Sith Empire staged an assault on the planet and unintentionally freed a number of Esh-kha.

These elite warriors of their race intended to free the rest of their kind and brutally attacked both the Sith forces and those of the Republic. They eventually managed to track down the bearer of the Key to the Vaults and acquire it for their own needs as they sought the rest of their imprisoned kin. The dangers posed by the Esh-kha became evident to the Empire when they slaughtered many of Operations Group Three under the command of Colonel Grang. The Imperial official later learned of the existence of the Key from Republic prison personnel and sought to prevent the Esh-kha from freeing more of their kind.

The Key was brought to the Imperial encampment where Commander Calum decided upon its fate.

Behind the scenesEdit

The fate of the key largely depends on the players choices in the quest as it largely depends on whether the Esh-kha should remain imprisoned or kept as a potential weapon in the future. A light side option leads to the player informing Commander Calum that the Esh-kha are too dangerous to unleash onto the galaxy which leads to the key being destroyed. The dark side option leads it to being retained in order for the Empire to goad the Esh-kha against the Republic in the future.


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