Kez-Iban before he is revealed to be Mon Julpa.

Kez-Iban (pronounced /kɛz i.ˈban/) was an alias used by the Tammuz-an alien, Mon Julpa. The name was a Bocce word that meant "He That Returns from Death". The miner known as Gundy gave Mon Julpa this name after the latter had saved him from a collapsing mineshaft on the planet, Tyne's Horky.

Behind the scenesEdit

Mon Julpa was released as an action figure in 1985 as part of Kenner's Star Wars Droids line. These action figures were size-compatible with the other Kenner Star Wars action figures, but design-wise, they represented a completely new toy line. Julpa was released under his Kez-Iban alias. A second figure listed under the name, Mon Julpa, was produced but was never released to distributors.



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