"Spare me your lies. I am well aware that you have been using the funds I allocated for the Ryloth mission to fund your own vendetta against the Jedi."

Kh'aris Fenn was a white-skinned Twi'lek in the days of the Galactic Republic. He was the son of Ro Fenn, leader of Clan Fenn, and had been exiled from Ryloth for heinous crimes.


Fenn about to be executed by Quinlan Vos.

Fenn was part of Count Dooku's failed plan to take control of Ryloth, and was also responsible for hiring the Crimson Nova bounty hunters to attack the Jedi during the Clone Wars. Unfortunately, he hired the bounty hunters using Dooku's funds, which the Count considered stealing. This and the fact that he hired bounty hunters within Republic territory, raising the Jedi's ire and laying a trail that led to Fenn, destroying Dooku's plans for Ryloth, proved to be the last straw. Dooku sent his acolyte Quinlan Vos (disguised as Rh'ajah Fenn) to dispose of Fenn. He was beheaded and Quinlan Vos subsequently made a holovid for others to view as a testament and a warning of the fate of those who betrayed Dooku and the Confederacy of Independent Systems.

Fenn's death was one of the final tests set before Vos, by Dooku, before he had become a trustworthy Dark Acolyte.

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