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"You're nothing. A go-between. You flatter yourself you mean something to Vos but you delude yourself. And he uses your delusions."
"You're wrong. Quin loves me... He loves me!
Tol Skorr and Khaleen Hentz[src]

Khaleen Hentz was once a Separatist agent sent by Count Dooku to spy on Quinlan Vos, as a mole in his spy network. She later turned to the Galactic Republic and became the wife of Vos and the mother of his child.


Early life

"I'm a thief. I can slip in and out of almost everywhere."

Little is known of Khaleen's life before she started working for the Confederacy, but her belly tattoo indicates she was likely a Zealot of Psusan. She used to work as a professional thief, who was good at her work, and spent time in prison at least once.

Double agent


Khaleen on the Wheel.

During the Separatist Crisis, Dooku had her infiltrate the undercover spy ring Vos was establishing for Tholme in the guise of a prostitute. To gain Quinlan's confidence, she was to pretend to love him, but as she fell in love with him for real, she stopped working for Dooku and became Quinlan's agent.

"Pull the trigger. Die for me."
Zenex to Khaleen[src]

On the Wheel, shortly after the battle of Geonosis, under direction of another of Dooku's agents, Tookarti, Khaleen stole a data chip from the crime lord Zenex, containing the Confederacy of Independent Systems plans to attack Kamino. Zenex ordered the mercenary Grakko to find and kill her, but Grakko didn't succeed - Khaleen killed him instead, by setting off one of his own thermal detonators. But she soon ended up in a garbage pit -- within it, was a dianoga. She was barely saved by Vos and his former apprentice, Aayla Secura, posing as a mechanic named Jaayza. She overheared their conversation about the disc and guessed that they were Jedi. In order to ensure that the Galactic Republic would be able to successfully defend Kamino, she was to give the data chip back to Zenex, under the watchful eye of Jedi Knights Vos and Aayla Secura. The plan appeared to be going well; Zenex promised he wouldn't kill her if she handed over the disc. Instead, he used his Falleen pheromones to make her point a blaster at her own head and kill herself. Quinlan intervened and saved Khaleen's life, whereas Aayla killed Zenex by impaling him on her lightsaber.

"Do you understand that Quinlan is a Jedi and, while he may have feelings, he can never allow himself "attachments"?"
"Do you think I give a spit what you Jedi allow or don't allow?!
Tholme and Khaleen[src]

Quinlan escapes with Khaleen's help.

Khaleen and Quinlan eventually fell in love, despite the protestations of Vos' Padawan Aayla and the disapproval of Quinlan's former master Tholme. During Quinlan's arrest and 'defection' in the aftermath of the Battle of Brentaal IV, Khaleen took a speeder and helped him escape, knowing full well that she would do jail time again. Weeks later, Quinlan managed to infiltrate Dooku's inner circle, and Tholme released Khaleen so she could serve as a go-between for Quinlan and himself.

While Quinlan continued his role as a double agent, Khaleen was with him. She traveled with him to Coruscant during his quest to find and destroy the person he thought was the second Sith. After Quinlan killed senator Viento under the false impression that he was the second Sith, Khaleen was to pick him up after he fled the building, but was stopped by Dooku's Dark Acolyte Tol Skorr.


Quinlan Vos kisses Khaleen.

Khaleen was soon forced to come with Quinlan to Viento's tomb, where he read his carbonite corpse. As part of Quinlan's further quest, Dexter Jettster put out the word that Khaleen wanted to hire the Anzati bounty hunter Saljé Tasha for a job. When Khaleen meet with Tasha, Quinlan confronted the bounty hunter and managed to draw the memories he sought, from her mind. When her Anzati proboscises uncurled as she tried to feed upon his mind, Khaleen interfered and hit her hard with a metal pole. Deciding that Tasha served her purpose, she decided to kill the Anzat. Tasha, angry that she had barely tasted the richness of Quinlan's mind, vowed vengeance on her.

Khaleen traveled to Saleucami to set up Quinlan's meeting with Sora Bulq, whom he believed to be the Second Sith. In a city cantina, she met with Skorr and a few Anzati who were warned about her. Skorr told her to relay to Vos that he is "allowed" inside the base. He then called her a 'little bug' and intimidated her by force-choking her. After having his little fun, Skorr told Khaleen that Vos didn't love her -- he used her. While gasping for breath, Khaleen murmured behind his back that Quin loved her.

Khaleen then came back to the Republic base, trying to make "a toy" work until Quinlan came in and told her that it was a holocron. She told him the plan and then spent a night with him.


Khaleen and Quinlan with their son.

"For my people, the Kiffar, a child signifies a sacred bond that should not be broken. Nor do I want to. With or without a child, a bond exists between us, Khaleen."
Quinlan Vos[src]

Khaleen was then captured by Skorr, who brought her to show Quinlan the truth of her mission. Hentz confessed that she was Dooku's double agent and pretended to love him but then fell in love with him for real. She pleaded with her love to look at her to see the truth. Despite urgings from Dooku and Bulq to kill her in order to complete his transition to the dark side, Vos cupped Hentz's face in his hands, kissed her and then ignited his lightsaber to free her of her cuffs. But with Dark Jedi and Anzati surrounding them, escape seemed impossible, until Tholme showed up. While the Jedi battled against their dark counterparts, Khaleen killed every Anzati that tried to take her "soup". But when Quinlan fought against Sora Bulq and was getting closer to the dark side, Aayla and Tholme joined to save him; Khaleen thought that he was dying. When Vos killed Bulq, they managed to escape the base when the Republic began bombardment. Soon, Quinlan learned another secret Khaleen was hiding -- she was pregnant with his child. He decided that when the war was over, he would leave the Jedi Order to be with her. He told her to take the Skorp-Ion to a safe place in the galaxy.

War's end

While Quinlan was on Kashyyyk, he contacted Khaleen. They thought that Kashyyyk may be a suitable place to raise their child.

At the beginning of the Great Jedi Purge, when Quinlan had almost died on Kashyyyk, she was pregnant with his child and on Nar Shaddaa with Jedi Masters Tholme and T'ra Saa. They evaded Order 66 and were reunited with Quinlan after Khaleen gave birth to their son, Korto. Whether or not they survived the Great Jedi Purge is unknown.

Behind the scenes

Jan Duursema has said that Khaleen's natural hair color is not purple.[source?]

Jan Duursema stated the following about Quinlan and Khaleen's marriage:

"The Kiffar version of marriage is not a ceremony or a legal document. Kiffar 'marriage' is more of a state of mind or a state of being. Through Korto, Khaleen and Quin have an unbreakable connection--and a responsibility that transcends their own separate lives. If you create life, you nurture that life, whatever hardships lie ahead."[2]


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