"You are fighting the wrong enemy, Sylvar. The anger is within you. You must kill it…but beware, for it is dangerous prey."

Kharr was a male Cathar holy man who was a leader of his city-tree on his homeworld, Cathar. Kharr was a mentor to Sylvar, who went on to become a famous and celebrated Jedi. Kharr was extremely proud of his protégé, and he led a large parade in her honor when she returned home in 3986 BBY. However, Sylvar was not there to celebrate, as she met with Kharr later that night in order to discuss how to regain the inner peace that had eluded her since the death of her mate, Crado. Kharr advised her to take a proactive approach in dispelling the simmering anger that he could sense within her, leading Sylvar to go on a ritual blood hunt in order to achieve this.


"I can sense the storm in your thoughts, and in your heart. You have come here to regain your peace…but you don't know where to begin your search."
―Kharr, to Sylvar[src]

A male Cathar, Kharr was a holy man who held a leadership position among the natives of his city-tree on Cathar, his species' homeworld. Despite his lofty status, however, Kharr lived in a simple tent on one of the tree's large branches.[1] In his younger days, Kharr mentored a Force-sensitive Cathar named Sylvar,[2] who went on to become a famous Jedi and his city-tree's most beloved and celebrated denizen; the two held a bond that would persist for years.[1]

In 3986 BBY, Sylvar, trying to cleanse herself of simmering anger resulting from the death of her mate, Crado, ten years before, returned home. She received a hero's welcome, and Kharr was the first to greet her as she approached their city-tree. Although Sylvar was reluctant, Kharr accompanied her and her traveling companion, Twi'lek Jedi Knight Tott Doneeta, on a parade in her honor. That night, Kharr met with Sylvar by his tent, sensing that she was grappling with herself and lacked inner peace. Kharr suggested to her that she should find a way to rid herself of the anger that raged inside her—taking his advice to heart, Sylvar decided to go on a ritual blood hunt, hoping to rid herself of her unwanted fury. However, the blood hunt failed to restore Sylvar's inner tranquility.[1]

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"Thank you for seeing me, Kharr. You always understand…"

Kharr was extremely proud of Sylvar and her accomplishments as a famed Jedi, and he was overjoyed when she returned home in 3986 BBY. He could sense when she was distressed—Sylvar remarked that he always understood her. Kharr deeply cared for Sylvar and was always willing to help her in troubled times. The Cathar holy man had brown fur covering his whole body and often wore a red robe and hat.[1]

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Kharr made his first and only appearance in Star Wars canon in the third issue of Tales of the Jedi: Redemption, the final story arc of the Star Wars: Tales of the Jedi comic book series, written by Kevin J. Anderson and released in 1998. In this appearance, Kharr was illustrated by Christian Gossett.[1]


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