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The kheilwar was the name given by the Defel species to a small poisonous insect native to their homeworld of Af'El. It was also known to other races as a Homunculus-wasp.


Callista Ming fights a kheilwar on Gamorr.

They possessed razor sharp wings that worked on a similar basis as the Defel themselves as it warped light around them allowing them a form of invisibility.

A far more unusual application of this ability was to seeminly change its appearance into a 'copy' of anything it had met making it a perfect mimic. This allowed the kheilwar to disappear into crowds on populated worlds without fear of being attacked. However, it would seem that the creature used its abilities primarily during night time as normal sunlight would damage their sensory organs.

Due to these abilities, the creature was commonly used by assassins who would trap the young when they were small. After that period of its life cycle was over, the Homonculus-wasp would rapidly grow to mass more than twenty kilograms of body weight and grow to a height of 1.5 meters or more.



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