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"I enforce the Emperor's will in this sector. When things go wrong, I put them right myself. Anyone who knows my name ought to know that, too."
―Khione, to Leia Organa[src]

Khione was a human female who served as captain of the Imperial Star Destroyer Shieldmaiden between the Battle of Hoth and the Battle of Endor.


Captain Khione was a cruel Imperial officer who intended to catch Princess Leia Organa and her crew. She interrogated them about Operation Yellow Moon. She pursued Leia to Basteel, Sesid and Jaresh until she captured them with her Star Destroyer Shieldmaiden. She went to interrogate Leia but Lokmarcha told her that he would reveal all the he knew if he could see Organa. The Captain determined he would not, but allowed him to enter Organa's cell so that the princess would be forced to watch as an interrogation droid torture him. Lokmarcha then detonated an electromagnetic pulse bomb that he had implanted in his chest, killing him instantly and disabling a large part of the Star Destroyer. This enabled Organa and the rest of her team to escape. Leia knocked Khione unconscious, took her uniform and escaped with Nien Nunb and Kidi Aleri in the Imperial shuttle Tydirium. She was killed when Antrot detonated the explosives and resulted in a massive blast that also heavily damaged the Shieldmaiden, which exploded shortly after.[1]


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