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"Yes, curse your fortune, for our destinies have brought us back together! Surely, our meeting was preordained! The Force works in mysterious ways…"
―Kho Phon Farrus, to Chelli Aphra[3]

Kho Phon Farrus was an Alcedian non-binary archaeologist who had an obsession with the dark side of the Force and occult rituals. They were a student at the University of Bar'leth at the same time as Chelli Lona Aphra, Sana Starros, and Eustacia Okka. Farrus developed a fixation on the dark side cult known as the Ascendant and sought Ascendant artifacts during the Imperial Era. Their acquistion of an Ascendant Thought Dowser on Coruscant led to encountering Doctor Aphra and the smuggler Sana Starros once again. Because Aphra had maniplated and betrayed them, they declared themselves to be Doctor Aphra's sworn nemesis.


Betrayal on Bar'leth[]

Registrar: "That's not the name on your Imperial I.D."
Kho Phon Farrus: "It's… out of date. I go by Kho now."
Registrar: "Well, I'm sorry, but if your name doesn't match your chain code, then I'm afraid I can't help you."
Chelli Lona Aphra: "Hey, Kho! Long time, no see!"
―Chelli Lona Aphra and Kho Phon Farrus meet during a dispute with a University of Bar'leth registrar[7]

Kho Phon Farrus was a trans[8] non-binary[2] individual who was a member of[7] the avian[9] Alcedian species.[1] At some point between 11 BBY and 3 BBY,[10] on new student welcoming day at the University of Bar'leth,[7] Farrus attempted to register but was blocked by the registrar due to the name "Kho" not matching the student's outdated Imperial chain code. This difficulty was observed by another student, Chelli Lona Aphra. Aphra approached and pretended that she knew Farrus well and there was a mistake on their identification. The registrar was suspicious but let Farrus in.[7]

When Farrus asked Aphra why she vouched for them, she claimed she wanted to be friends. She asked Farrus to help her, Sana Starros, and Eustacia Okka break into Sava Iglan'tine Nos' office, which Aphra was no longer allowed into. She told Farrus to just let her and her friends in and the group would handle the rest. Aphra justified her intentions to Farrus by saying that was what archaeology was anyway: stealing. When Farrus used a keycard to open the office door, Iglan'tine Nos was in her office. Aphra, Starros, and Okka snuck in through the window and stole almost half of the sava's collection while Farrus took the fall. The sava advocated for Farrus' expulsion but was outvoted.[7]

Despite the circumstances of Farrus' first meeting with Sava Nos, they took her class. Nos was the Head of Occult Archaeological Studies and she noticed that the student took an interest in her field.[7] In Sava Nos' class, Aphra asked Farrus to help with "another idea" but was cut off when Nos assigned the class to translate the Ascendant's Mantra.[11]

Investigating the Ascendant[]

"It's so good to see you again, Aphra. I've been waiting a long time for this."
"You. … Do I know you?"
"Do you—? Have you forgotten me, Doctor Chelli Aphra? It is I, your sworn nemesis…"
"Gonna need a bit more to go on."
"Kho Phon Farrus!"
Oh, void."
―Kho Phon Farrus and Chelli Aphra, reunited[3]

Years after their education on Bar'leth,[7] Farrus went to Tase Somer's residence and participated in an Ascendant ritual, cutting off the hands of several humanoids with a knife.[3] Aphra and Starros broke into the building after the ritual had occurred, looking for an Ascendant artifact.[12] The two saw Farrus, who dramatically announced themselves as Aphra's "sworn nemesis." Unlike Starros, Aphra recognized Farrus and was alarmed to see them. Farrus used the Whip of Sorrows to absorb the energy from Starros' blaster and redirected its energy to Aphra's electro-tattooed arm. Aphra tricked Farrus to turning around and shot them in the side. They used calling gloves to throw the severed hands at Aphra and Starros before escaping through a window.[3]

On Brentaal IV, The Archivist asked about Farrus' progress on finding the Spark Eternal. Farrus used Tase Somer's black market network to track down Ascendant artifacts[3] and murder their owners on various planets. Farrus was reciting the Ascendant's Mantra when they were notified by their droid about a listing for what Farrus thought was a Seeker's Crown. They were ambushed by Aphra and Starros on Midarr but escaped.[4]

Farrus went to Sava Nos' office at the University of Bar'leth and demanded that she take them to the Unyielding Heart, which she revealed was a place, not an object like they had thought.[7] Nos caught Aphra and Starros trailing behind them and raised her blaster, but Aphra gained the upper hand and Farrus' calling gloves—with Farrus wearing them—were pulled towards a magnet. When the Spark Eternal killed Aphra, Farrus commented that was the opposite of what it was supposed to do, and they expressed disbelief when Aphra was resurrected.[11]

Personality and traits[]

Kho Phon Farrus's hair was a deep pink shading into purple, styled chin-length around their face but worn in a long tail down their back. They had light gray skin with feathers on their arms. Their eyes had black irises and yellow scelera.[3]

Aphra described Farrus as "spooky" and compared their obsession with the Ascendant to her father's with the Ordu Aspectu. Although Farrus had academic intelligence, they were easily misled by Aphra on multiple occasions. She tricked Farrus into looking away from her by pretending there was something behind them,[3] and they were fooled by Aphra's falsified auction listing of "some kind of Ascendant diadem." According to Sana Starros, Farrus had been nice, quiet, and shy while at the University of Bar'leth.[4] Sava Iglan'tine Nos' considered Farrus to have the best student translation of the Ascendant's Mantra, and called them an overachiever.[7]


"Kho dresses like a Sith dipped in glitter."
―Chelli Aphra describes Kho Phon Farrus' fashion sense[4]

Kho Phon Farrus wore black, layered clothing, such as an open, hooded robe over a sleeveless tunic and pants. Farrus used different pieces of Ascendant tech, including calling gloves and the Whip of Sorrows.[3]

Behind the scenes[]

Kho Phon Farrus first appeared in the sixteenth issue of the 2020 comic series Star Wars: Doctor Aphra. The issue was written by Alyssa Wong, illustrated by Minkyu Jung, and published by Marvel Comics[12] on November 17, 2021.[13] The character was created by Wong, who described them as one of their "non-binary Star Wars kids".[2] Wong originally intended Farrus to only appear in a single story arc as the villain, but they fell in love with the character and decided to make them a recurring cast member.[14] For Pride Month in June 2022, Farrus was featured on the Pride variant cover of the second issue of the 2022 comic series Star Wars: Obi-Wan.[15]



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