A Decon III droid cultivating kholm-grass.

Kholm-grass was a plant native to the planet Honoghr. After the Battle of Honoghr during the Clone Wars, the planet was devastated and much of its plant life died out.

Darth Vader used this ecological catastrophe as a means to enslave the Noghri people indefinitely. He sent them supplies to endear him to them, but replaced the kholm-grass with a hybrid variant which continued to poison all other native plants. The decon droids the Empire provided were in fact sent there to prolong the economic devastation of the planet, removing the kholm-grass as slowly as possible. The Noghri did notice the difference in the smell of the new kholm-grass, but attributed it to the chemicals released by the Gahenna decades earlier.

During the Thrawn campaign, Leia Organa Solo and Chewbacca eventually discovered and revealed the truth of the new kholm-grass to the Noghri, prompting them to leave the service of Grand Admiral Thrawn.



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