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"To Khomm, where our society has remained the same for centuries. Showing them that I am changed-that I have become a Jedi Knight-will shake them up. I believe they need to be reawakened."
Dorsk 81[6]

Khomm was a planet in the Khomm system on the edge of the Deep Core with wide blue seas, great land masses, and an abundance of oxygen. It was the home planet to the Khommites and the Khommite striders.


"We have molded our city to be the way we want it, and we've maintained it that way. Everything is numbered and cataloged, and Khomm is a stable, understandable place. Our citizens are happy and content here."
Kaell 116[6]

A Khommite.

The Khommites possessed a culture of conformity, with a society that had remained unchanged for nearly a millennium. They decided they had reached the pinnacle of their civilization in 990 BBY, so life on the planet remained static. Through the Khomm Central Population Planning, all of the citizens of Khomm were clones of previous generations. A clone of each person of each subsequent generation was created to ensure the contiguous continuation of their species.

The cities on Khomm were mathematically perfect grids, with square housing and gardens, all preplanned. The animal population of Khomm, including the Khommite strider, was also genetically controlled by the Khommites. It was said that when a visitor landed on Khomm, its dullness could literally make one crazy.


"I'm the only person in Khomm's recent memory who has done anything... unpredictable."
―Dorsk 81[6]

At the time of the Galactic War, the scientists studying on Khomms' academies made astonishing progress in the field of bioengineering.[7]

During the Clone Wars, Khomm remained loyal to the Galactic Republic.[5] However, war-time cloning restrictions were difficult for the Khommites to live with.[8]

After his graduation from the Chandrilan Academy of Sciences, Shi'ido scientist Borborygmus Gog infiltrated the reclusive cloner ranks of Khomm to learn from them.

One Khommite, Dorsk 81, left Khomm to study at Luke Skywalker's Jedi Praxeum because he discovered his Force abilities, doing something that generations before him did not do.[6]

In 12 ABY, Imperial Admiral Natasi Daala ordered an attack on Khomm, when it was discovered that Dorsk 81 and Kyp Durron had visited the planet. Dorsk 80, Dorsk 81's predecessor, wished him to return to his old job, but 81 was simply trying to warn Khomm of the impending attack. Refusing to listen, the Khommites did nothing. Colonel Ivan Cronus carried out Daala's order with Crimson Command, devastating the planet and its population, forcing the Khommites to do something they had not done in centuries—adapt.[6]

It is unknown what became of Khomm after the attack, though it is known that at least one of Dorsk 81's clones, Dorsk 82 came to train at the Jedi Praxeum.

Behind the scenes[]

The PC game Star Wars: Rebellion mistakenly places Khomm in the Farfin sector, a misspelling of the true Farrfin sector, of the Galactic Core, not to be confused with the Deep Core.



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