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"Victory for Mandalore the Avenger! Victory for the clans! The glory days of the Mando'ade are back."
―Khomo Fett, speaking to The Commander and Shae Vizla[src]

Khomo Fett was a Human Mandalorian in the time of the Galactic War. He served as an advisor to Mandalore the Avenger during their campaign on Darvannis.


Quick to anger and even quicker to throw a punch, Khomo Fett lived for the thrill of battle. His combat skill let him outlive the average Mandalorian commander, earning him the nickname "Old Man" among his clan. Before the Eternal Empire's invasion, Khomo had forged a commando unit into the strongest and most feared mercenaries in their system. Khomo's eagerness to push the Eternal Empire back led his unit to take risks, and Khomo lost most of his men to the Skytroopers.[2]

When Mandalore the Vindicated fell, Khomo's name was put forward as the obvious choice as successor. But as a seasoned warrior, he refused the position, disgusted at the thought of having to devise battle plans rather than actual fighting. Following that, he became Mandalore the Avenger's eyes and ears on the battlefield. His fierce loyalty to his people earned the new Mandalore's confidence, and he quickly became one of her most trusted leaders.[1]

Personality and traits[]

Khomo Fett was known for his love of combat and battle, he would often dream of bringing back the glory days of the Mandalorian Neo-Crusaders. Despite Mandalore the Avenger having concerns about him, Khomo Fett was very loyal to his people and to Shae Vizla, which earned him a place as one of her most trusted leaders.

With short black hair, fair skin, and brown eyes, he had hardened features on his face. Khomo Fett wore grey and yellow Mandalorian armor.

Behind the scenes[]

Khomo Fett first appeared in Star Wars: The Old Republic, a video game released by BioWare on December 20, 2011 and was voiced by Dee Bradley Baker. He is part of the Knights of the Fallen Empire expansion storyline.[1]


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