Khoonda was the autonomous government of the planet Dantooine from 3956 BBY to at least 3951 BBY.

History[edit | edit source]

When Darth Malak destroyed the Jedi Enclave on Dantooine in 3956 BBY, the settler community of this relatively recently colonized planet found itself deprived of any support. The Galactic Republic was on the verge of collapse during that period and could not offer anything to some backwater planet in the Outer Rim Territories, having lost any interest in it without the Jedi.

Forgotten by everyone, the settlers had to establish a government able to regulate themselves. The leading official of this new government, Administrator Terena Adare, who was the Agricultural Administrator during the Jedi period, chose the former estate of the Matale family as her residence; the estate was rebuilt from damage inflicted by the Sith bombardment and renamed Khoonda.

The Khoonda outpost and landing pad.

While being a symbol of a new beginning for the settlers, Khoonda was not a very effective government. Khoonda had to deal with monetary problems. Dantooine was not entirely self-sufficient; agricultural exports covered only basic maintenance, and the settlers needed more credits to expand and rebuild. Because of this, Adare and her people had to tolerate salvagers and use whatever income they brought from plundering the ruined Enclave.

Another problem was the lack of military power and law enforcement. The militia of Khoonda consisted mostly of farmers and merchants, and only a few militiamen, among them their commander Zherron, had some military training and experience. They had difficulties protecting the settlers from wild kinraths and kath hounds, and were certainly no match for Exchange mercenaries, who were active on Dantooine after the Jedi Civil War. Most mercenaries were former soldiers and veterans of the Jedi Civil War - their leader Azkul, for instance, was a Sith trooper during the war. While the mercenaries did not engage in open warfare at that time, it was no doubt that their goal on Dantooine was not peaceful collaboration with the natives. The settlers tended to blame Adare and Zherron for their passivity, but realized that without them the mercenaries would already control the planet.

However, with the appearance of Meetra Surik in 3951 BBY, the settlers' life became somewhat easier. Surik did everything she could to help Khoonda and redeem the extremely bad reputation the Jedi had on Dantooine. While it was Surik who, rushing to free Master Vrook Lamar from the mercenaries, provoked a bloody assault on Khoonda that became known as the Battle of Khoonda, the settlers were ignorant of this fact. Surik was remembered as a savior who turned the tides to the settlers' side and fought for Khoonda, ensuring its victory and removing the mercenary threat once and for all.

Khoonda itself was in a state of disrepair before the battle. The problems plaguing Khoonda included malfunctioning turrets, broken droids, injured soldiers, security breaches and a lack of recruits willing to fight for the militia. Surik managed to fix these problems before the assault.

No longer needing to face a hostile military power, the people of Dantooine could at least return to day-to-day affairs. By that time, the salvagers had taken everything of value from the Jedi Enclave, and only the dangerous sublevel, overrun by laigreks, remained relatively untouched. As the settlers' attitude towards the Jedi turned from hatred to admiration, they decided to honor them for all the help they once offered. When Surik arrived on Dantooine once again to meet the three Jedi Masters— Vrook, Kavar and Zez-Kai Ell—she found, instead of ruins, an intact Enclave rebuilt almost to its former glory.

Afterward[edit | edit source]

It is unknown what happened to Khoonda itself, as a government, after 3,951 BBY. It is known, however, from Darth Traya's predictions that the Republic once again established its presence on Dantooine, and with its support the planet entered a new age of prosperity. In this scenario, Khoonda may either have been made obsolete, or integrated in the Republic's government structure, which possibly included the new Jedi in the Enclave.

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In the alternate dark side scenario the player, as Meetra Surik, can side with the mercenaries against Khoonda. After the battle, Azkul stands in the Administrator's office instead of Adare. However, Darth Traya predicts that Dantooine will eventually lie in ruins, becoming home to nomads and primitive tribes not aware of the history they tread upon.

Although Adum Larp, a Rodian merchant, had set up shop very close to the Jedi Enclave, he managed to survive the attack by Darth Malak and was seen afterward at the Khoonda building.

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