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Kiara Olvidan was a Human female who was the daughter of Faskus Olvidan, who was sent by Byalfin Dyur under the direction of Lumiya to hide the Amulet of Kalara in a cave on Ziost as part of an elaborate test for Ben Skywalker. Her father brought Kiara with him to Ziost, where he was fatally wounded rescuing her from their landed YT-2400 freighter, the Blacktooth, under attack by pirates also in Lumiya's employ. After the death of her father she and Ben Skywalker managed to survive Dyur's attempts on their lives and escape the planet in Ship. She was returned to Drewwa.


Kiara Olvidan was born in about 34 ABY to Faskus Olvidan and an unknown mother, probably on Drewwa. When she was approximately six, her father, a small time criminal, was hired by Lumiya to steal the Amulet of Kalara and take it to the planet Ziost. Faskus was instructed to go alone, but took Kiara with him. They flew there in a YT-2400 freighter. When they arrived Faskus went into the forest, leaving Kiara in the ship. A TIE fighter flew in and blew up the ship, but Faskus was able to rescue her. Unfortunately he suffered a fatal chest wound from flying wreckage. They had been sent to Ziost and attacked as part of an elaborate plot to test whether Ben Skywalker was capable of being a Sith, set up by Lumiya and Jacen Solo, soon to be Darth Caedus. Ben, under the impression that Kiara's father was a Sith Acolyte, attacked him and exacerbated his wounds. He died after asking Ben to take care of Kiara. Ben, reasoning that Kiara would hinder his mission to return the Amulet to Jacen Solo, initially left her to die; however, after viewing a prerecorded message from his parents wishing him a happy fourteenth birthday, Ben returned to Kiara's encampment for her. They then covered her father's remains in rocks, as a kind of burial, before departing to coordinates that Ben had found on Faskus's datapad. In their journey across Ziost, accompanied by an astromech droid named Shaker, the two were under the constant threat from the TIE fighter that had blown up Faskus's transport, flown by one of Dyur's pilots, vicious wild neks, and starvation. The two eventually escaped Ziost aboard a Sith Meditation Sphere piloted by Ben, who returned Kiara to her homeworld of Drewwa.

Ben believed that she might be Force-sensitive.

Behind the scenesEdit

In the "Dramatis Personae" section of Exile, Kiara is listed as a "Chud". At the forums at, Sue Rostoni explained this classification as follows:

"Chud is supposed to be Child. I guess the i and the l were misinterpreted together as a u."
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