Kibbick Besadii was a cousin of Durga Besadii Tai and nephew of Zavval and Aruk Besadii Aora and member of the Besadii clan. After Han Solo's near-destruction of the spice facility on Ylesia and Zavval's death, Kibbick was sent as a replacement Hutt overlord to watch over Teroenza, a position he loathed. Teroenza proved far more clever and intelligent than Kibbick and managed the entire operation without Kibbick's input. Kibbick was regarded by the t'landa Til and most Hutts as an idiot. Kibbick had difficulty understanding the goings-on of Ylesia and was not even aware that it was Teroenza who truly governed Ylesia.

Kibbick's stupidity would lead to his gruesome death. He failed to see Teroenza's treachery and betrayal of Besadii. Durga to force the t'landa Til females (whom Teroenza had sneaked in) back to Nal Hutta. When Kibbick confronted the High Priest, Teroenza murdered Kibbick by repeatedly impaling him with his cranial horn.

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