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The Kidnapping of Setenna Hase took place during the Galactic Civil War on the planet Jagomir.


"I had my suspicions at Arda I that something was not right. Now I hear you have already found something here that could point to a traitor among us."
Urel Haydon[1]

After the Battle of the Gauntlet, which saw the destruction of their base on Arda I, the Rebels settled on a new base on Jagomir. A few days after the construction of their base, the Rebels began scouting the area around it and found evidence that a spy was among them. They were subsequently attacked by evarrians of a nearby nest but they defeated them and returned to the base with the news.[1]


"I can't believe that Var would do this. He's been with us for years and helped us in many missions. Why would he turn?"
Senior Advisor Setenna Hase[1]

In order to find the traitor, the Rebels started to question other members of the Alliance on their whereabouts, background and mission knowledge. Some suspects were interrogated including Dressellian pilot Dorrian Vodani, Wookiee warrior Isshtharr, Bothan spy Masi Qual, Human pilot Rik Torrence, Ithorian diplomat Urtuaa Haaot and engineer LOM-series protocol droid VX-19. Lieutenant Var Narek was finally exposed as an Imperial spy and a traitor to the Alliance.[1]


"I am going to have to take my leave now, and if you wish to see Setenna alive again, you will not follow us."
Var Narek[1]

Var Narek consecutively held Senior Advisor Setenna Hase hostage and fled with his prisoner on a 74-Z speeder bike. The Rebels chased him across the swamps of Jagomir but he managed to leave the planet aboard a JumpMaster 5000. Var Narek set course for Ord Radama so that Setenna Hase could be interrogated by Imperial Intelligence. The Rebels soon went after them on a mission to rescue the valuable Alliance leader.[1]


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