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"We've completed a through sweep of your apartment, Chairman. No evidence of foul play."
―Lieutenant Tanivos Exantor Divo[src]

During the Clone Wars, the daughters of Pantora Supreme Chairman Notluwiski Papanoida, Che Amanwe Papanoida and Chi Eekway Papanoida were kidnapped by the bounty hunters Greedo and his Gotal accomplice. The bounty hunters had been tasked with the kidnapping to increase pressure on Papanoida to join the Separatist Alliance during the blockade of Pantora which had been initiated by the Trade Federation. Chairman Papanoida informed the Coruscant Security Force but was not satisfied with the investigative efforts of Police Inspector Lieutenant Tan Divo. Instead he decided to rescue his daughters himself with the assistance of Pantora Senator Riyo Chuchi and her friend Jedi Padawan Ahsoka Tano. The were able to rescue them both on the Pantora Droid Control Ship and in Chalmun's Cantina.[3] They parted in good terms.

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