"Stand and do your duty! We owe our loyalty to a throne, not a man!"

Kiefer was a male lieutenant in the Imperial Army stationed on the planet Bastion. After Emperor Roan Fel was overthrown by the Dark Lord Darth Krayt, a number of Imperials remained loyal to Fel. However, Kiefer—who believed that it was his duty to serve whomever was on the throne, rather than a specific individual—in turn was loyal to Krayt. When Fel arrived on Bastion in 137 ABY, Kiefer commanded him to surrender. However, Fel refused to do so, and much to Kiefer's dismay, none of the stormtroopers accompanying the lieutenant enforced his order. Kiefer responded by drawing his blaster to kill Fel himself, but before he could do so, one of General Oron Jaeger's stormtroopers shot and killed the lieutenant.


"The true emperor, Darth Krayt, has ordered your arrest. Surrender!"
―Kiefer to Roan Fel[1]

Kiefer found his stormtroopers unwilling to shoot Emperor Fel.

The Human male Kiefer served as a lieutenant in the Imperial Army on Bastion, the former throneworld of the Fel Empire, as of 137 ABY. When former Emperor Roan Fel—who had been overthrown by the Dark Lord of the Sith, Darth Krayt, seven years beforearrived on the planet, Kiefer greeted him and demanded that he surrender, claiming that Fel was now an exile. The lieutenant was loyal to Darth Krayt, as he believed that his loyalty belonged not to a specific man, but to the Emperor, no matter who that was.[1]

However, to Kiefer's chagrin, Fel instead stated that he was there to take control of the planet, causing Kiefer to order the stormtroopers accompanying him to shoot Fel. When they ignored the lieutenant, instead bowing to Fel, Kiefer drew his blaster, stating that he would execute his orders. Before Kiefer could shoot, however, one of the stormtroopers serving General Oron Jaeger—who still considered Fel to be the true ruler—fired at Kiefer, killing him.[1]

Personality and traits[]

"Well, I know my duty, and I will execute it!"

Kiefer did not believe Fel to be the true Emperor.

Kiefer believed that his loyalty was to the throne, not the being who held it, and thus considered Fel a fugitive from justice, as Krayt had called for his arrest. Kiefer did not understand why no one else ordered Fel to surrender, and so when the stormtrooper contingent with him refused to kill the former Emperor, Kiefer attempted to take matters into his own hands. Fel believed that Kiefer was just one of many men who had been brainwashed by Darth Krayt and his new policies. He had black hair and light skin.[1]


Kiefer wore an Imperial officer's uniform and was armed with a blaster pistol.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Kiefer's only appearance is in the third issue of the Star Wars: Legacy comic series, Broken, Part 3,[1] published on September 13, 2006.[2] The issue was written by John Ostrander and Jan Duursema, and was also penciled by Duursema.[1] The 2008 reference book The Complete Star Wars Encyclopedia incorrectly states that Oron Jaeger himself shoots Kiefer rather than one of his stormtroopers doing it.[3]



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