"Stars know I would not be here if I were any good at anything else!"
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Kiel Charny was a Human male, who served as a Jedi General for the Galactic Republic during the New Sith Wars. He was murdered by the Jedi initiate Darovit, who subsequently defected to the Brotherhood of Darkness.

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Kiel Charny

Charny was the Padawan of Master Handa; he became the lover of another of Handa's students, Githany, who was only a year younger than Charny. Handa was outraged at their affair, and harshly rebuked them, one of many factors leading to Githany betraying the Jedi and joining the Brotherhood of Darkness. After General Valenthyne Farfalla had warned him about Githany's defection to save his life, Charny refused to follow his former lover on that path.

After completing his apprenticeship, Kiel Charny became a charismatic general in the Army of Light on Ruusan. During the Sixth Battle of Ruusan, Charny and the Jedi forces came under attack by the Brotherhood forces, led by Lord Kaan and Githany. After shooting down the swoop bike she was riding, he engaged Githany in a duel. He was unwilling to fight with all he had against his lost love, so she managed to sever his weapon hand. Seeing this as the ultimate Jedi weakness, Jedi Initiate Darovit picked up Charny's discarded lightsaber, and decapitated him. The boy then joined the Sith as Githany's apprentice. After his death, the planet Charny in the Ruusan system was named for him.

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