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The Kiffu Guardians or Guardians of Kiffu, were a group formed by the Kiffar to patrol the prison world of Kiffex and provide law enforcement on Kiffu and its sector. The Guardians were led by the Sheyf,[1] and their ranks included that of general.

Guardians wore black armor, and their insignia was a gold five-point star enclosed by a circle. It was the same symbol as Clan Vos, a prominent family which was in control of the Guardians in the years leading up to the Clone Wars.[1]


By 137 ABY, Guardians employed both blasters and stun batons. They remained neutral during the Second Imperial Civil War but by 138 ABY they refused the Sith Imperial request to establish an Imperial base on Kiffu.

Notable Guardians[]


Kiffu Guardian Maritan Kas


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