Kijimi City,[3] formerly known as Kijimiko,[4] was the capital[6] city of the Mid Rim Territories planet of Kijimi.[4] It was built a thousand years before Poe Dameron and Zorii Bliss were inducted into the Spice Runners of Kijimi atop a plateau next to the massive Mount Izukika. The city had cobblestone streets[5] and also featured a spaceport,[3] many temples, monasteries, and relics used by monks,[5] and a Dai Bendu Monastery that once formed the center of the city.[4] The city was once considered a religious stronghold,[7] before becoming a victim of raids and overthrows that saw various factions rule the city throughout its history.[5]

By the time of the New Republic Era, the city's spiritual centers were abandoned. Kijimi was one of many planets that the New Republic did not reach, allowing Kijimi City to become headquarters for underworld activities and organizations, including the Spice Runners.[5] Slavers were not welcome.[4] The city had no central government and was ruled by the anarchy of criminal self-interests.[5]

In 35 ABY,[2] Bliss reunited with Dameron and met Finn, Rey, C-3PO and D-O. Bliss' friend Babu Frik reprogrammed C-3PO to translate Sith.[8]

The city had an temperature that very greatly depending on the time of day, but the average was -25 degrees standard.[4]

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