Kiles L'toth was a Dornean male who served as the Associate Director of the Astrographic Survey Institute and an officer in the Dornean Navy.

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When two Dornean Braha'tok-class gunships were dispatched to the Rebel Alliance Fleet to fight in the Battle of Endor, L'toth was assigned command of the lead ship of the class, Braha'tok. He earned acclaim for defending Rebel rescuers from Eminence, an Imperial Carrack-class cruiser, before it could be destroyed by fellow commander Etahn A'baht aboard the Torktarak.

After coming to Coruscant, L'toth was contacted by General A'baht, just before the Fifth Fleet was directed to the Hatawa and Farlax sectors to locate the mysterious Black Fleet. Director L'toth was asked a favor, owed to A'baht, to send out as many probe ships, or flatfish, to the Koornacht Cluster to update the surveys of those sectors. Six ships were sent out to update the Third General Survey's findings, which were incomplete due to the Clone Wars. The start of the Black Fleet Crisis was when one flatfish, named Astrolabe, entered the Cluster at Doornik-1142. It was destroyed by the Yevethan battle cruiser Purity.

After the Black Fleet Crisis was over, and A'baht relieved of command, Kiles took command of the Fifth Fleet.

He had at least one son, named Been L'toth.

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