Killaniri was a gas giant world that was located within the Killaniri system. It was the second of two orbital bodies around its star. The planet possessed fifteen known moons.

BlasTech Industries' prothium refining station floated 40,000 kilometers up from the swirling green, yellow and orange clouds of Killaniri. The planet itself was 154,000 kilometers in diameter, with an atmosphere mixture of prothium, rethen and ammonia compounds. Incredible storms swept the thick atmosphere, constantly churning the volatile gases of Killaniri.

Into this mixture flew the gas collectors of BlasTech. Controlled remotely form the space station, and kept in check by droids, the gas collectors were larger than most tramp freighters. Plunging through the atmosphere, the various gases of Killaniri were passed through huge filters and processing stations, extracting only the prothium.

The prothium was further processed into usable blaster gas at the refining station, as it was passed through a complex series of filters and pressure chambers containing pure rethen.

The economic worth of the system, and the Galactic Empire's desire to prevent marauders and Rebel Alliance forces from acquiring large amounts of blaster gas, resulted in a permanent and impressive Imperial presence in the system. The Ton Falk-class escort carrier Terrup and the Dreadnaught-class heavy cruiser Disorver were stationed on permanent patrol in this system. There were also two Imperial Customs Corvettes for regular patrol duty. They were serviced by a small Imperial base on the moon of Justa, which had a troop complement of 600. An additional 600 troops were stationed aboard Justa's starport for customs and law enforcement purposes. This was in addition to the Corporate Enforcers employed by the companies.



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