The Killaniri system was one of the largest suppliers of prothium blaster gas to the Galactic Empire.

Because of the vast economic worth of Killaniri, the plains world of Mutanda stood ready for startling economic growth. Mutanda's second satellite, Justa, had the only sizable starport of the system. As such, many workers and goods pass through the corridors of the vast starport, purchasing the wares and services of the Horansi traders.

Mutanda was a rolling land of grasslands, jungles, and natural wonders. The sentient race, the Horansi, were actually divided into four distinct subspecies. In addition to the Horansi, the world had many different species of big game animals, resulting in a booming legalized safari trade. However, the encroachments of poachers could have resuled in the extinction of many species of Mutandan wildlife.

The Killaniri system was an important part of the Empire, and sported both a gas giant rich with prothium blaster gas (Killaniri) and a world with its own sentient race (Mutanda). It was a valuable trade system with much wealth, but little political influence.

Killaniri was controlled by outside forces. The great weapons corporations, led by BlasTech Industries and Czerka Arms, had complete control over the gas mining on Killaniri. Therefore, faceless bureaucrats many systems away made all of the decisions regarding the development, management and growth of they system.

As far as Mutanda and Justa were concerned, everyone on these facilities was either in the employ of the weapons corporations, or providing products and services for these people.

The sentient Horansi of Mutanda found it more desirable to retain a primitive and warlike lifestyle. They did not seem to desire uniting their people, and instead were fractured and manipulated by petty criminals, the great corporations, poachers, and untrustworthy, but powerful tribal leaders.


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