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"Well, there's been no stirrings from Imperial Intelligence. Imperial Logistics, on the other hand, is buzzing like a Killik nest."
―Ardo Barodai[2]

The Killik were a species of beings known to reside in nests.[2] Around 4 ABY,[3] the New Republic Vanguard Squadron pilots Keo Venzee and Feresk Tssat led a mission to recover an astromech droid from Laanen, an ice moon of the gas giant Navlaas. In response, the Imperial Logistics Division confiscated all supplies of Clouzon-36 from the nearby space stations of the Navlaas Triad, an action that the New Republic intelligence chief Ardo Barodai likened to the buzzing of a Killik nest.[2]

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Behind the scenes[]

A Killik, as depicted in Star Wars Legends

A Killik first appeared in Star Wars canon in the 2016 comic book Han Solo 1.[4] The species was first identified in the short story "The Light You Bring," a tie-in story to the 2020 video game Star Wars: Squadrons.[2]

Killiks had an extensive history in Star Wars Legends. The species were first mentioned in the 1995 book The Illustrated Star Wars Universe, in which a piece of Ralph McQuarrie concept art for the film Star Wars: Episode VI Return of the Jedi depicted structures known as "Killik mounds." This art went on to inspire the design of the Lurmen village in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars episode "Jedi Crash"[5] as well as the landscape of the planet Lothal seen throughout Star Wars Rebels.[6] The Killiks themselves had their first proper appearance in The Joiner King, the first book of the Star Wars: The Dark Nest Trilogy.[7]


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