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"Interesting. The droid displays unusual hostility toward the honorable Kin Robb."
―Obi-Wan Kenobi[4]

Kin Robb was a human female who served as the Senator of Taris during the Clone Wars. During her time as a senator, she was a close ally and acquaintance of many noted figures, including Senator Padmé Amidala of Naboo and Duchess Satine Kryze of Mandalore. Robb was part of the Council of Neutral Systems.


Early career[]

Kin Robb was a human female[2] from the planet Taris[1] who served as its Senator in the Galactic Senate during the waning years of the Galactic Republic.[2]

Aboard the Coronet[]

During the Clone Wars, Robb was part of the Council of Neutral Systems,[3] an outlier political wing of the Pacifist Faction in the senate.[5] Robb accompanied Duchess Satine Kryze of Mandalore aboard the Coronet along with several other senators including Orn Free Taa of Ryloth, and Onaconda Farr of Rodia. The party also included Mandalore's own Senator, Tal Merrik. Robb had drinks in the hospitality suite with Satine and the other senators, nodding and smiling politely when the Duchess introduced Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi to them, though her smile faded when Kenobi and Kryze began a heated argument. After tensions were defused, Robb joined the other senators at dinner. However, while the party dined, terror hit the spacecraft, and numerous assassin probes attacked the party, having been sent by Merrik, who was a traitor. Once the probes were dealt with, they returned to dinner where they were subjected to a test of Kenobi's using the last surviving probe killer. Reasoning that the droid would attempt to kill the Duchess and her allies, Kenobi placed it near all four senators, suspects as the crate holding the droids had been marked with the Senate stamp. Robb was uncomfortable with the idea and leaned away from the droid when it was her turn, but Kenobi absolved her of suspicion by noting the droid's "unusual hostility" towards her. Merrick was exposed as the traitor and his Separatist allies soon attacked the vessel. Robb quickly ran to Senator Farr's aid when the probe killer attacked him. She survived the events on the Coronet.[4]

Military Oversight Committee[]

Robb attends the banquet

Robb attended drinks and dinner with the Military Oversight Committee on which Padmé Amidala attempted to sway votes to try and reduce military funding. Robb seemed very happy that Senator Aang was pleased with Amidala's presentation.[6]

Hostage crisis[]

Robb gasps at Skywalker's defeat

Robb was part of a small group of senators who wished to stop a vote on the the Enhanced Privacy Invasion Bill, and attended a meeting of those opposed[7] led by Senator Philo, when they were all trapped in the Senate by Cad Bane and several other bounty hunters working to free Ziro the Hutt. When Philo attempted to storm out, Bane callously shot him in the back as an example, horrifying Robb and her fellows. Robb was made to surrender any communication devices on her person and watched in shock as Anakin Skywalker was thrown into the prison. Robb was evidently also very frightened and horrified at the disgraceful injustice displayed. She and the others were nearly killed when Bane's pre-planted explosives detonated, but were saved in the nick of time when Skywalker cut through the floor and dropped them all one floor down just as the bombs went off. Though coughing and a bit dazed from the fall and smoke, Robb was unharmed.[2]

Vote to escalate clone production[]

Robb applauds in the Senate

When Padmé Amidala delivered the winning speech for the opposing side of troop escalation, Robb happily clapped with her aides, who were also cheering on the Senator from Naboo, possibly indicating support for a decrease in military spending.[8]

Murders in the Senate[]

When a vote to send thousands of more clones into conflict arose with Halle Burtoni as the leading senator, murders began to happen in the Senate beginning with Onaconda Farr. Robb, a close friend of the Rodian, attended his funeral and was amongst the saddest in attendance, gazing mournfully after his departing transport even after the others had left.[9]

Presiding over Ahsoka Tano[]

Following the bombing of the Jedi Temple, and Ahsoka Tano being accused of the crimes, a trial was called to decide her fate. Robb was a member of the jury presiding over the former Jedi, where she and the other jurors listened to the arguments brought forth by Senator Amidala, Tano's defense counsel, and Admiral Tarkin, the prosecutor. What Robb believed remained unknown, but the jury's verdict was made irrelevant as Anakin Skywalker brought forward the true culprit, Barriss Offee. Tano was thus cleared of all charges, but the ordeal greatly affected her and she declined an offer to rejoin the Jedi Order.[10]

Invasion of Scipio[]

After Rush Clovis, newly instated head of the InterGalactic Banking Clan, was forced to raise interest rates on the Republic, the Senate convened in session to express outrage, with Robb vocally making her anger clear by shouting that the Chancellor had been warned of such an eventuality.[11] After another emergency session was called revealing that Scipio, the location of the banks, had been invaded by the Separatists, Robb immediately called for a counter-invasion to secure the banks for the Republic, a motion at once supported by Senators Meena Tills, Mot-Not Rab, Stonk, and Riyo Chuchi. The motion was successfully passed and Scipio was liberated from Separatist control, with control over the banks being directly ceded to the office of the Supreme Chancellor. Robb applauded the announcement and Chancellor Palpatine's vow to relinquish such powers once the war was over.[12]


During the early Galactic Civil War, Senator Tynnra Pamlo, who represented Taris in the Imperial Senate, wore a necklace called the Amulet of the Robb.[13] Kin Robb also shared her name with New Republic Tarisian Senator Andrithal Robb-Voti.[14]

Personality and traits[]

Kin Robb was a human female with dark skin, brown hair, and brown eyes.[2] She was two meters tall.[15] During the Clone Wars, she was noted to have a reputation for honor by Jedi Master Obi-Wan Kenobi.[4] Her political affiliations during her time as a senator indicated that she favored a peaceful resolution to the Clone Wars and to preserve the democratic institutions of the Republic from the encroachment of wartime emergency powers[2][3][6], though she did break from this and propose immediate military action if there was a direct and imminent threat to the Republic's stability.[12] Kin Robb did not trust Rush Clovis and did not hesitate to vocally reprimand the Chancellor for ignoring her and her colleagues' warnings about him.[12]


Kin Robb wore ornate clothing consisting of a shiny gold vest over a long dress in a shade of deep purple, which was the traditional color of administration on her native planet of Taris,[14] along with a violet headpiece.[2]

Behind the scenes[]

Kin Robb first appeared in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars season one episode "Hostage Crisis,"[2] and was first identified in the season two episode "Voyage of Temptation."[4]



Notes and references[]