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"Interesting. The droid displays unusual hostility toward the honorable Kin Robb."
Obi-Wan Kenobi[6]

Kin Robb was a human female politician who represented the planet Taris in the Senate of the Galactic Republic during the Clone Wars. Noted by observers and colleagues for her imposing stature and brightly colored attire, Robb was an upstanding senator, fighting for the betterment of her world despite widespread strife on Taris caused by great cultural and economic divides. During the Clone Wars fought between the Republic and its splinter state, the Confederacy of Independent Systems, Robb joined Duchess Satine Kryze of Mandalore's Council of Neutral Systems and supported her battles for neutrality in the Senate. In addition, Robb was a staunch ally of Senator Padmé Amidala of Naboo and her coalition's attempts to broker the de-escalation of the war.

Though initially supportive of peace movements and critical of Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine's emergency wartime powers, Robb would shift in her positions by the war's final year. Robb was one of the most vocal critics of the nomination of Baron Rush Clovis to the leadership of the InterGalactic Banking Clan and, when word broke that Clovis was a puppet and that Scipio, headquarters of the banks, was being occupied by the Separatists, she was among several senators who called for a counterattack to assert Republic jurisdiction over the planet, which resulted in the Republic's nationalization of the Banking Clan and the expansion of Palpatine's executive powers. By the time of the establishment of the Imperial Senate, Robb was no longer serving as Taris' representative on the galactic stage.


The Clone Wars[]

Outbreak of war[]

Originally hailing from Taris,[1] an urban planet[7] located in the Taris system[8] in the Outer Rim Territories,[9] Kin Robb would eventually come to represent her homeworld in the Galactic Senate, the legislative body of the Galactic Republic, a democratic union that governed much of the galaxy.[4] The heavily populated ecumenopolis of Taris was well-known for its economic disparities, which stemmed from the planet's widespread pollution and a historic event that devastated the cityscape and left the world in ruins. Although portions of the city were rebuilt, these sections were dominated by the ruling, wealthy elite,[7] leaving the middle classes and impoverished masses[4] to reside in makeshift homes in the fallout.[7] As a member of the Tarisian administration and the representative of Taris on the Republic capital planet Coruscant, Senator Robb was determined to fight for her world despite the internal strife caused by the vast cultural divides between its upper and lower classes.[4]


During the Clone Wars, Senator Robb incorporated Taris into the Council of Neutral Systems.

In 22 BBY, the Republic entered the Clone Wars against its splinter state, the Confederacy of Independent Systems, following an extended Separatist Crisis.[10] Just before the outbreak of open warfare during the First Battle of Geonosis, Robb, a noted peace activist, was among those in the Senate to oppose granting emergency wartime powers to Supreme Chancellor Sheev Palpatine, believing the move would only escalate the conflict. As war spread across the galaxy, Robb was among many planetary representatives to join[4] the newly-formed Council of Neutral Systems, an organization partially originating in the Senate's Pacifist Faction, a group of Core World delegations opposed to the war and the expanded powers of the government that it entailed.[11] Robb herself incorporated Taris into the Council, a decision that would allow Taris[4] to maintain its economic ties with the Republic but avoid becoming entangled in[11] the military machinery she criticized.[4]

Led by the ruler of Mandalore, Duchess Satine Kryze, the Council of Neutral Systems offered Robb the opportunity to meet with like-minded leaders. As a member of the Council of Neutral Systems, Robb would travel to the Mandalorian capital city, Sundari, to meet with Duchess Satine and her New Mandalorian government and discuss their efforts.[5] In addition to Duchess Satine, Robb became a friend and ally to fellow council member Onaconda Farr,[4] who represented the Savareen sector.[11] Outside the neutral sphere, Robb became a staunch ally of a coalition of peace advocates that included Farr and Senator Padmé Amidala[4] of the Chommell sector.[12] Like this faction of senators, Robb had opposed Chancellor Palpatine's emergency powers and was disapproving of her colleagues who promoted military expansion, stances that made her part of a stable of senators who could reliably cast votes in favor of Farr and Amidala's legislation.[4]

Mandalorian intrigue[]

"What Master Skywalker means is that we are acting at the behest of Your Highness to protect you from the Death Watch and the Separatists who don't share you neutral point of view."
"I asked for no such thing."
"That may be so, but a majority of your court did."
―Obi-Wan Kenobi and Satine Kryze, discussing security measures Robb and others requested for the Coronet[6]

In 21 BBY,[10] Robb was present in the Senate Office Building when it came under attack by a rampaging Zillo Beast, which had been transferred to Coruscant after being awakened in the aftermath of the Battle of Malastare. Robb and several of her colleagues were walking through a large atrium when the beast arrived, shaking the building and causing Robb to stumble as the emergency lights turned on. Efforts led by the Jedi Order and the Grand Army of the Republic resulted in the Zillo Beast's demise, ending its path of destruction.[13] A short time after the incident,[10] Robb and Senator Farr dined together in the Senate Building's commissary.[14]


Robb was one of several senators invited to join Duchess Satine Kryze on her way to Coruscant.

The Council of Neutral Systems became imperiled when the Death Watch, a Mandalorian terrorist group opposed to Duchess Satine's rule and secretly backed by the Separatists,[6] began targeting Republic forces near the Mandalore sector. Because both the New Mandalorians and the Death Watch were resistant to a Republic presence on Mandalore,[11] opportunists in the Republic argued that the Death Watch threat justified a military occupation of the planet, supposedly to protect the Mandalorian people, just an excuse to incorporate[15] the coveted Mandalore space[11] into the war effort.[15] Hoping to maintain Mandalore's neutrality, Duchess Kryze prepared to testify before the Senate and fight a resolution to approve an occupation. She invited several senators to accompany her on the journey,[6] including three senators in the Council of Neutral Systems: Robb, Farr, and Senator Tal Merrik of Kalevala.[5] Also invited was Senator Orn Free Taa of Ryloth,[1] who was not a member.[5]

Much to Kryze's chagrin, Robb and her fellow dignitaries requested a contingent of Republic clone troopers from the 501st Legion and 212th Attack Battalion, led by Jedi Generals Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker, to accompany them aboard Kryze's yacht, the Coronet.[6] Robb and her colleagues traveled to Sundari to meet with Kryze before boarding the Coronet, after which they departed for Coruscant.[5] Soon after leaving Sundari, Robb and the rest of Kryze's court enjoyed drinks in her throne room, where the duchess voiced her opinions on the war. The voyage became tenuous when Kenobi and Skywalker entered the room, where Kenobi made pro-war counterpoints to irk Kryze, with whom he had a personal history. As the two bickered, Robb and the others watched uncomfortably. Kenobi and Kryze soon became confrontational, at which point Merrik separated them by suggesting they all prepare for dinner.[6]


Senator Robb and her fellow dignitaries dine aboard the Coronet, unaware of the assassin droids in the cargo hold below.

By dinnertime, Kryze had calmed down significantly and joined Robb, Farr, Merrik, and Taa in the Coronet's dining room, where they were served deep-fried nuna leg. Shortly into the meal, however, they were suddenly alerted by Kenobi that Skywalker and the clones had discovered probe assassin droids in the depths of the cargo hold. While Skywalker and the clones were able to stop one of the droids, another had fled up the lift and was heading towards the dining room. At Kenobi's orders, Robb and the others backed away from the lift, and soon, the assassin droid broke open the doors. Although Kenobi managed to destroy the droid with his lightsaber before it could reach the politicians opposite the lift, dozens of smaller probes ejected from the larger droid and began scurrying across the room.[6]

While Robb and her fellow senators tried to evade the swarm of droids, Kenobi and Kryze, who pulled out a concealed deactivator pistol, began dispatching them together. The probes were soon deactivated and destroyed, allowing the senators to get their bearings as the terror subsided. With the threat apparently behind them and Kryze and Kenobi reconciled, Robb and the rest of the court reconvened later for dessert. They were not seated long before Kenobi entered the room carrying a covered serving tray, which he revealed was holding a still-active probe droid. He explained that the crate containing the larger droids had been allowed onboard the Coronet under the Senate seal, meaning one of the four senators present had smuggled them onto the ship to assassinate Duchess Satine and the other three. To single the culprit out, Kenobi planned to test which persons the droid reacted to.[6]


General Kenobi uses a small probe droid to clear Robb and Farr of attempting to assassinate Duchess Satine.

Despite Kryze's objections that his test bordered on torture, Kenobi began walking around the table with the droid. After clearing Taa and Farr, Kenobi walked past Robb. As the droid rammed itself into the side of the dish cover, Kenobi noted that the droid displayed more hostility towards Robb than Taa and Farr. The droid calmed when near Merrik, confirming that he was behind the assassination attempts. Merrik flipped the tray out of Kenobi's hands, freeing the probe. Amidst the ensuing disarray, Kenobi batted the droid away from Kryze with the dish, only for it to disable a protocol droid before attacking Senator Farr, causing Robb to gasp in horror. While Kenobi was distracted trying to destroy the probe, Merrik took Kryze hostage and contacted the Death Watch, who sent Separatist boarding ships to attack the Coronet. Once the probe was destroyed, Kenobi left to confront Merrik while Skywalker and the clones fought the battle droids now on board.[6]

Farr, Robb, and Taa remained safe far from the firefight, which ended in a victory for the Jedi, who freed Kryze, killed Merrik, and destroyed the Separatist boarding party. In the aftermath of the fraught voyage, the Coronet landed on Coruscant, where Duchess Satine and her guests met with Chancellor Palpatine, who was waiting for them and boarded a transport bound for the Senate building.[6] Robb was later present to hear Kryze present her case for Mandalore's neutrality before the Senate, but a doctored testimony from Mandalorian Deputy Minister Jerec persuaded a majority in the Senate to vote for a Republic occupation. At great personal risk, Kryze managed to access Jerec's original testimony, in which he argued against the occupation, and presented it to the Senate with help from Kenobi and Senator Amidala, convincing the Senate to rescind its earlier decision and grant Mandalore continuing neutrality.[15]

Hostage crisis[]

"Sorry to bother you, Chancellor, but I've taken control of the east wing of your Senate Building, and the occupants are now my hostages. If you care about them, I'd advise you to free Ziro the Hutt from your Detention Center."
―Cad Bane speaks to Chancellor Palpatine about his hostages, which included Robb — (audio) Listen (file info)[2]

Robb and Senator Mon Mothma listen as Aang toasts the signing of a treaty.

Sometime later, Robb was one of several senators invited to a state banquet hosted by Padmé Amidala at her residence in the Senate apartment complex.[16] Though ostensibly a birthday party for Senator Aang,[17] the gathering was also an attempt on Amidala's part to endear him to support a vote on a treaty since he held the deciding vote on the Military Oversight Committee. At the soiree, which included Senators Mon Mothma[16] of Chandrila,[1] Bail Organa[16] of Alderaan,[1] Jakker-Sun, Dantum Roohd, and General Skywalker, Robb enjoyed a drink as the politicians mingled in Amidala's sunken sitting room, which doubled as an open-air entrance. Having been persuaded by Amidala's efforts, Aang raised a glass and toasted the signing of the treaty and his favorite dessert, jogan fruitcake, which Amidala had troubled herself to have prepared for the party.[16]

Later, in an attempt to give Chancellor Palpatine and his office the unprecedented[18] and broad[11] powers to spy on Republic citizens suspected of Separatist ties, a bill was introduced in the Senate ironically titled the Enhanced Privacy Invasion Bill.[2] The measure was opposed heavily by many anti-war senators, among them Robb, and soon a small political resistance group was galvanized to kill the bill in the Senate.[18] On the day the vote was scheduled, Robb was invited by Senator Philo[2] of Kinyen,[1] a leader of the informal group, to a meeting in an atrium in the Senate Office Building's East Wing to discuss the motion with fellow opposition senators. Also present at Philo's meeting besides Robb were Senators Farr, Amidala, Organa, Jakker-Sun, Roohd, Riyo Chuchi, and Zinn Paulness. At the meeting, the group of senators jointly agreed that they had to shut down the bill before Chancellor Palpatine could move forward with it.[2]

Hostage Crisis

During a meeting of opposition senators, Robb and her colleagues are take hostage by a crew of bounty hunters.

As the meeting concluded, however, the doors to the hall suddenly opened, and a group of bounty hunters entered and surrounded the politicians. As Robb held herself close to Jakker-Sun, the leader of the mercenaries, Cad Bane, fired his blaster into the ceiling to get their attention, then announced that the senators were now his hostages. Though Robb and nearly everyone else complied, Philo dissented and attempted to leave, only to be shot in the back and killed by Bane. As Robb looked on in shock, Bane ordered the remaining senators to gather in the center of the atrium and ordered the hunters under his command to search them. With the group of senators hostage, Bane established contact with Chancellor Palpatine's office and demanded the release of Ziro Desilijic Tiure from imprisonment at the Republic Judiciary Central Detention Center in return for the politicians.[2]

After giving his demands to Palpatine, Bane had his hunters disrupt the building's power, cutting the Chancellor from outside contact and leaving the hostages lit only by the emergency lights and the sunlight beaming through the atrium ceiling. He began walking around the senators, demanding they hand him their comms. Before he could search Robb, Bane spotted General Skywalker in an upper level of the atrium and fired at the Jedi. Bane sent Aurra Sing and two other hunters to pursue Skywalker, who had escaped Bane's volley. While Bane and the remaining mercenaries were distracted, Robb and her colleagues began speaking amongst themselves, but Bane noticed and fired another warning shot at the ceiling to silence them. Bane contacted the Chancellor's office again and ordered Palpatine to write a pardon for Ziro and send it and Senator Taa, who was in Palpatine's office with him, to the prison.[2]

Throw him in

Robb watches in horror as the bounty hunters throw General Skywalker in with the hostages.

Sing and the rest of Bane's team soon returned to the atrium with an unconscious and handcuffed Skywalker, then tossed him in with the senators. When he received confirmation that the Chancellor had sent Taa to the detention center with a pardon for Ziro, Bane had his crew place bombs on the pillars around the hall, which emitted a laser field that fenced the senators in the center of the room. Bane informed them that disturbing the sensors would set off the bombs, killing them and destroying the atrium. With the hostages trapped, Bane and his hunters left the Senate building to rendezvous with the transport carrying the now-freed Ziro. With no recourse, Robb and the others stayed in place, waiting for Skywalker to regain consciousness. When the Jedi did, Farr informed him that Bane ordered them to stay put and opined that they should follow his order, but Skywalker disagreed.[2]

After receiving his lightsaber from Amidala, who told him she had found it nearby, Skywalker dug his blade into the floor and began cutting a circle around the senators. As he did so, the devices around the room began emitting a high-pitched noise, as Bane had planned on detonating the bombs regardless of his promise to the Chancellor that he would not hurt the senators. When Skywalker completed the circle, the floor caved in before the bombs went off, sending Robb and the senators to the level below, narrowly surviving the destruction. Though left coughing and dazed from the rough fall and resulting smoke, Robb was ultimately unharmed. Because of the senators' survival, the Republic sent a military task force after the Bane and his crew, who had escaped by using the bombs as a deterrent.[2] When the Senate reconvened after the crisis, the resistance group that formed against the Enhanced Privacy Invasion Bill successfully spearheaded its defeat in the Senate.[18]

Senate turmoil[]

The battle for peace[]


Robb and her aides applaud Padmé Amidala's speech calling for reduced military spending.

Late in 21 BBY,[10] following the breakdown of a peace initiative sponsored by Senator Amidala and Confederate Senator Mina Bonteri, as well as a Confederate bombing on Coruscant that destroyed the planet's power distribution grid, the Senate found itself in the midst of intense turmoil. Though the strike on Coruscant provided fodder for militarist senators to push for legislation that advanced their agenda, including a successful bid to deregulate the InterGalactic Banking Clan to facilitate new lines of credit,[19] the progressive,[12] anti-war faction headed by the likes of Organa, Amidala, Farr, and Mon Mothma[19] of Chandrila[1] remained stalwart in combatting the escalation of the war.[19] A friend and ally of these senators, Robb supported their efforts[4] as well as a pivotal speech Amidala gave in opposition to Senator Halle Burtoni of Kamino's proposed increase in clone trooper production, which would divert public funds into military spending. Despite the positive reception of Amidala's speech,[19] the Senate ultimately passed Burtoni's measure.[20]

In response, Amidala and Farr introduced counter-legislation aimed at curbing the financial effects the bill would have. Robb continued to applaud their work, including another speech delivered by Padmé. Due to the faction's efforts, the reduced spending bill was close to gaining a slim majority in the Senate, but as the vote was drawing near, Farr suddenly died of what appeared to be heart failure. Robb attended a funerary service in the skies above Coruscant, where she mourned the loss of her good friend and ally. After listening to a eulogy delivered by Farr's aide Silood, Robb solemnly watched the Senate Guard deliver an arms salute as his casket was loaded onto a transport. In a series of disappointments for the peace movement, a Coruscant Security Force investigation found that Farr had been poisoned by[20] Rodia's Junior Representative,[1] Lolo Purs, which, in part, spurred the Senate to reject the late senator's budget reduction.[20]

Trial of Ahsoka Tano[]

"Ahsoka Tano, you have been charged with sedition against the Jedi Order and the Republic itself. This court will decide your fate."
―Chancellor Palpatine, beginning the trial of Ahsoka Tano[21]

Senator Robb was one of the jurors in the sedition trial of Ahsoka Tano.

In 19 BBY,[10] amid public protests against the Jedi Order, which many viewed as having turned on its professed values of peacekeeping[22] in favor of becoming part of the Republic Military,[6] a hangar in the Jedi Grand Temple on Coruscant was bombed. The terrorist act resulted in many deaths, including eight clone troopers, twelve civilian crew members,[23] and six Jedi. An internal investigation by the Jedi Order led to the arrest of Letta Turmond, a radical anti-war activist who had fed explosive nanodroids to her husband, Jackar Bowmani, a worker at the Temple, turning him into a living bomb.[22] While imprisoned at the Republic Center for Military Operations, Turmond was killed while meeting with Padawan Ahsoka Tano, one of the Jedi investigators, who fled the complex. A manhunt ensued, ending with the capture of Tano in the Coruscant Underworld, alongside evidence that pointed to her culpability in the bombing.[21]

Despite the Jedi High Council's intention to conduct an internal trial, members of the Senate and Republic Military leadership believed that a Jedi-led trial would be biased. To facilitate a military tribunal in a Republic court, the Senate requested the Jedi expel Tano from the Order. Faced with the evidence of nanodroids in the warehouse Tano was captured in and mounting pressure from the government, the Jedi Council acquiesced and formally charged Tano with sedition against the Republic. Tano was expelled from the Order and stripped of all titles and privileges in the Grand Army of the Republic, then was formally turned over to the Republic judiciary to await her trial. Although Chancellor Palpatine was to preside over the proceedings, Tano would be tried by a jury of senators, including Robb. In the massive court chamber in the Center for Military Operations, Robb and her fellow jurors were seated in rows overlooking the platforms used by the prosecution, defense, and accused.[21]


Kin Robb and her peers observe the trial from the wings of the court chamber.

When the trial began, Robb, seated between Senator Chuchi and a Bith representative, watched as the manacled Tano was escorted onto a floating platform in the center of the chamber. Vice Chair Amedda gaveled the session to order, and the prosecutor, Republic Admiral Wilhuff Tarkin, and the defense, Senator Amidala, entered the room. After Chancellor Palpatine listed the sedition charges against Tano, he gave the floor to Tarkin. Tarkin argued that Tano had masterminded the Jedi Temple bombing and then eliminated her accomplices, including Turmond. The admiral plainly stated that he was seeking a harsh sentence from the jury and felt that the death penalty was not unwarranted. Later, Robb watched intently as Amidala presented her defense, arguing that Tano was being framed for Turmond's death by the true culprit behind the bombing.[21]

In response, Tarkin pointed out that Tano was seen in the company of Asajj Ventress, a former Separatist agent, while on the run. Tano protested that Ventress had framed her and her Jedi Master, Anakin Skywalker, would prove it. After closing arguments, Palpatine delivered his opinion and suggested that Tano was part of a Separatist scheme to tear the Jedi and the Republic apart. Shortly thereafter, Robb and the rest of the jurors reached a decision. As Palpatine prepared to read the verdict, however, Skywalker and a contingent of the Jedi Temple Guard burst into the courtroom, bringing Padawan Barriss Offee with them. Skywalker announced that Offee was the true mastermind behind the bombing, and the padawan confessed in full to orchestrating the bombing and framing Tano, and Palpatine ordered her arrest. Tano was released by the court, but the proceedings left her disillusioned and she declined an invitation to rejoin the Jedi Order.[21]

Invasion of Scipio[]

Chancellor Palpatine: "It is with grave news that I come before you. Count Dooku and his Separatist betrayers have manipulated us, my friends. [...] Clovis has been their puppet of deceit as the Separatists are currently invading Scipio."
Kin Robb: "We must stop them and secure the planet!"
Meena Tills: "We have handed the entire economic system over to Count Dooku."
Mot-Not-Rab: "We are doomed! Invade!"
―Kin Robb demands a Republic invasion of Scipio[24]

Not long after the trial of Ahsoka Tano,[10] the Republic's financial situation and its relationship with the InterGalactic Banking Clan came under increased scrutiny amid reports that the bank and its assets were unstable. Senator Amidala was sent to resolve matters between the Republic and the Banking Clan, but while at the Banking Clan's headquarters on Scipio, she and the bank's former Senate representative, Rush Clovis, discovered that the Banking Clan was on the verge of bankruptcy and had little capital in its vaults. Believing their discovery could result in meaningful reform of the Banking Clan's leadership, Amidala and Clovis returned to Coruscant with the stolen files and were granted permission to continue their investigation under Republic jurisdiction by Palpatine. Despite Clovis's good intentions, however, he was met with skepticism from many in the Senate,[25] including Robb,[24] due to his treasonous activities before his removal from office, which included siphoning credits into Separatist projects.[25]


Senator Robb opposed nominating Rush Clovis as the Banking Clan's leader, and warned that his Separatist ties were a threat.

Amidala and Clovis were able to prove that Banking Clan funds had been redirected into private accounts by its leadership council, the Core Five. As a result of these findings, the Banking Clan removed the Core Five from power and indicted each member of the body on corruption charges. With the banks lacking a formal leader, Clovis was considered for the position and earned the backing of the Muun people of Scipio as well as the Separatist Parliament, leaving the Republic Senate as the remaining roadblock. When Clovis spoke before the Senate in an attempt to earn the nomination, he was met with a vast range of responses, with many in the Senate unwilling to trust him until the Chancellor announced his endorsement. Though Robb remained unsatisfied and did not support the nomination, the final tally of votes proved she was in the minority, and Vice Chair Amedda confirmed that Clovis now had the Republic's support. After the disappointing session ended, Robb walked the Senate halls.[25]

Frustrated by Chancellor Palpatine's willingness to support Clovis, Robb, amongst over colleagues, warned him that Clovis's former Separatist ties were still dangerous to the Republic.[4] Although it seemed that, as the newly-appointed head of the Banking Clan, Clovis would enact meaningful reform, Robb's strong distrust was proven warranted, as Clovis had secretly made a deal with Count Dooku to win the nomination. Dooku blackmailed Clovis by refusing to pay the interest on loans to the Confederacy, forcing Clovis to raise rates on Republic loans to save the banks from financial catastrophe. As Amidala was on Scipio for Clovis's inauguration, she informed Palpatine of this, and the Senate convened to discuss the matter.[24] Furious at this turn of events,[4] Robb, alongside other senators who had dissented from supporting Clovis, including Mot-Not Rab and Meena Tills, vocalized their outrage.[24] Robb, in particular, stressed that she had warned the Chancellor about this possibility.[4]


In response to the Separatist invasion of Scipio, Robb demands a Republic counterattack.

That same day, Scipio was invaded by a Separatist armada, destroying the Republic detachment and trapping Senator Amidala on the planet. With Clovis's deception clear, Chancellor Palpatine called an emergency session of the Senate, where he disclosed that Clovis was indeed a puppet of Dooku and that Scipio was under invasion. Amid the commotion of the Senate, Robb floated her repulsorpod forward and stated that the Republic had to stop the Confederacy and secure Scipio.[24] Though out of line with her peaceful positions at the start of the Clone Wars, Robb was resolute in her demand for a counterattack, which received strong support from her colleagues,[4] with Tills and Mot-Not-Rab voicing their approval. Abiding by the consensus of the Senate, Palpatine declared that the Republic would commence a "mercy mission" to Scipio, which Robb enthusiastically applauded. At Palpatine's orders, a Republic fleet led by General Skywalker went to Scipio.[24]

Instead of engaging in battle, Dooku's orbital blockade fled Scipio, abandoning their remaining units on the planet's surface. As Skywalker's army successfully liberated Scipio from the remaining Separatist forces, Clovis committed suicide. Following the successful military operation and Skywalker's return with the now-freed Amidala, the Banking Clan's representative, Nix Card, stated before the Senate that the banks blamed Clovis for their instability and announced that the Banking Clan was formally ceding control of its assets and holdings to the Office of the Supreme Chancellor. In turn, Palpatine declared that he had accepted the offer, reasoning that it was the Republic's responsibility to keep the banks out of Separatist control. Palpatine promised that he would reinstate the banks to their former state once the Clone Wars ended, which earned praise from many in the chamber, including Robb, who joined the Chancellor in chanting, "Long live the banks."[24]

Legacy and connections[]


Kin Robb was succeeded as senator of Taris by Tynnra Pamlo during the Imperial Era.

Shortly after the banking crisis and the Battle of Scipio, the Clone Wars came to an end with the collapse of Confederate leadership and the restructuring of the Republic into the Galactic Empire, with Chancellor Palpatine declaring himself Galactic Emperor,[10] partially boldened by the unwitting senators who gave him ever-increasing powers, including Robb, who could not predict the future and was blind to Palpatine's intentions when nationalizing the Banking Clan.[4] By 18 BBY,[26] Robb was no longer serving as the senator from Taris,[27] a position filled by fellow Tarisian Tynnra Pamlo, a critic of Emperor Palpatine and his authoritarian rule. As senator, Pamlo wore a necklace that shared its name with Kin Robb, the Amulet of the Robb.[28] Pamlo served in the Imperial Senate until the congress's dissolution[29] in 1 BBY.[10]

At the conclusion of the Galactic Civil War in 5 ABY, the Alliance to Restore the Republic, headed by Mon Mothma, defeated the Empire and established the New Republic, complete with a renewed Galactic Senate. By 28 ABY,[10] Taris was among the New Republic's member worlds and was represented by Andrithal Robb-Voti,[30] who shared her name with her Clone Wars-era counterpart. Like Kin Robb, once well-noted by observers for her brightly-colored clothes,[4] Robb-Voti wore robes of purple, the Tarisian administrative colors. Robb-Voti served until the New Republic's destruction[30] in 34 ABY.[10]

Personality and traits[]

"We warned you this would happen!"
―Kin Robb expresses her outrage to Chancellor Palpatine over the invasion of Scipio[24]

Senator Kin Robb of Taris was a tall and dignified politician.

Kin Robb was a female human with dark skin, brown eyes, and brown hair.[3] Due to her impressive height for a human, standing at 2 meters, Robb was physically imposing, an attribute that ensured she did not go unnoticed during her tenure in the Galactic Senate. As the representative of the Tarisian people, the honorable Robb promoted an egalitarian agenda and fought for the betterment of her world despite a longstanding and vast wealth gap between the upper and lower classes. A noted peace activist, Robb found like-minded allies in senators such as Padmé Amidala and Onaconda Farr, as well as external leaders such as Duchess Satine Kryze. Unlike some of her allies, however, Robb was not a dedicated pacifist, even though her politics tended towards pacifism, and was likewise not usually as vehement as some. During the Clone Wars, Robb always supported those who advocated for peace rather than those who advanced the war machine.[4]

Though a Republic loyalist, Robb was among the senators who opposed granting Chancellor Palpatine emergency powers, believing they would only lead to an escalation in the Republic's ongoing conflict with the Confederacy of Independent Systems.[4] By the final year of the war,[10] Robb continued to criticize some of Chancellor Palpatine's decisions, including his choice to endorse Baron Rush Clovis as the new head of the InterGalactic Banking Clan.[24] Robb strongly opposed the nomination of Clovis because of his past treason against the Republic, and her disdain for him led her to be carried away by anger when the Banking Clan raised interest rates to suffocating effect under his policies. Unable to see how the Chancellor had manipulated both the situation and the Senate to his benefit, Robb demanded a Republic invasion of Scipio,[4] which resulted in the Office of the Supreme Chancellor absorbing the Banking Clan's assets.[24]

Skills and abilities[]

As the Senator of Taris, Kin Robb was well-adept in various political skills, not the least of which was her legislative knowledge. She was also capable of assuming leadership positions and had experience as a negotiator and diplomat during her career in public service.[1]


During her career as a politician, Senator Robb wore stylized outfits colored varying shades of purple, which identified the administrators of her native planet.[4] One such outfit consisted of a blue underskirt, a purple overcoat, a light purple vest, and a tall, deep purple head wrap.[1]

Behind the scenes[]

Kin Robb first appeared, albeit unnamed, in the first season finale of Star Wars: The Clone Wars, "Hostage Crisis,"[2] which aired March 20, 2009, and was directed by Giancarlo Volpe and written by Eoghan Mahony.[31] Robb was first named in the season two episode "Voyage of Temptation,"[6] which aired on February 5, 2010.[32]

After appearing throughout seasons two,[20] three,[19] and five in minor, nonspeaking parts,[21] Robb was first given a speaking role in the season six episode "Crisis at the Heart." Robb was performed by Anna Graves, who voiced Senator Meena Tills in the same episode[24] and had voiced Duchess Satine Kryze earlier in the series.[6]



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