Private Kinard was a male individual who served the Galactic Empire. During the Galactic Civil War, Kinard traveled to the newly-discovered planet Alluuvia aboard the Lambda-class T-4a shuttle Toranni, as part of an Imperial exploration team. On arrival on Alluuvia, the Toranni landed on a small atoll and Kinard and Private Tracher disembarked from the vessel. The pair were immediately approached by a group of twenty Anguilla, a sentient species native to Alluuvia, and Kinard was repulsed by their appearance. As the Anguilla came closer to him, Kinard fired his blaster at them, prompting the rest of the Imperial team to open fire at the Anguilla. Sixteen Anguilla perished in the resulting massacre and afterward, Kinard was uncertain as to whether he could forgive himself for firing the opening shot.

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