Kindra was a female Human Sith student during the Cold War who trained at the Sith Academy on Odacer-Faustin.


After the outbreak of the Sickness at the Academy, Kindra teamed up with fellow students Hartwig, Maggs and Mnah Ra'at and the Sith Combat Master Xat Hracken. However, Hracken, Hartwig and Ra'at died, leaving only Maggs and Kindra. The girl then severed Maggs' Achilles tendons with her lightsaber, immobilizing him and leaving him to die. On her way back to the tower, Kindra was captured by the undead students. The zombies forced her to contact the mechanic Pergus Frode and tell him to open the hatch to the ship he was hiding in. Once it was open, Kindra tried to break free but was devoured.

Personality and traitsEdit

Kindra was very self centered, not caring about the fate of others proven by when she left Maggs to die. This could be explained by the fact that she was a Sith student and was encouraged to behave as such.



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