Kinetic communication was the term for a sophisticated gestural language "spoken" by the Lorrdians, a Human society based on the planet Lorrd.

It evolved out of necessity during the Kanz Disorders, when the Lorrdians were enslaved by the Argazdans. Forbidden to speak to one another by their masters, the Lorrdians were forced to communicate with each other using subtle gestures, facial expressions, and body postures, which allowed them to coordinate guerrilla strikes on their overlords. Over the centuries they spent enslaved, they developed kinetic communication into an intricate language. In order to understand the language, the Lorrdians developed the ability to read other people's body language so precisely, they could determine a person's mood and intentions from even the most subtle cues.

After the Lorrdians were freed, they continued to refine kinetic communication, and teach it to new generations of Lorrdians. Though Garik "The Face" Loran was born on Pantolomin, his family nonetheless spent enough time on Lorrd for him to learn kinetic communication. This proved useful not only in his career as a holodrama actor, as it allowed him to project emotions convincingly, but also served him well during his service with the New Republic's Wraith Squadron. Ido Glayyd was another non-Lorrdian who understood kinetic communication, thanks to a Lorrdian tutor she had as a child.



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