A kinetic corruptor during Operation Influx

The kinetic corruptors were massive machines used during the Republic Dark Age to extract energy from baradium deposits on the planet Chelloa. Due to their massive size, the kinetic corruptors relied on repulsorlifts for transportation and dwarfed many capital ship classes, including cargo liners and landing ships. The kinetic corruptors extracted baradium's power by exploding a portion of the crust, generating much volcanic activity and destroying the landscape in the process. One such machine was used by the Sith Lord Odion's forces in 1032 BBY during an attack on his brother Daiman's forces and a Jedi team led by Vannar Treece. The attack killed many slave laborers, Daiman's troops, and most of the Jedi with the exception of Kerra Holt.[1] Odion's modular space station known as The Spike was used to manufacture kinetic corruptors.[2]

Daiman would subsequently deploy ten kinetic corruptors on Chelloa disguised as mobile munitions complexes, large interstellar-capable war forges. Daiman leaked false intelligence to Odion that he was expanding baradium mining operations and had imported the mobile war forges for military production. Odion fell for the bait and deployed a large ground assault force consisting of the Lightning Guard. In the ensuing battle, the kinetic corruptors ignited the surrounding landmass, destroying Odion's invasion force, but failing to kill the Sith Lord. However, the kinetic corruptors unleashed a wave of explosions which destroyed Chelloa's surface beneath a sea of burning magma. However, much of the population had been evacuated on the Freedom Fleet through the efforts of Holt and Chelloan resistance leader Gorlan Palladane.[3]

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The design of the kinetic corruptor was based on the look of a Kenner TIE fighter wing strut removed from the cockpit and the wing.[4]



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