King's Pass was a ravine located on the planet of Alderaan that was the site of a decisive battle between the warring families thousands of years prior to the noble houses creation of the Alderaanian parliament. Before the battle started, Darrus Alde of House Alde parleyed with the other noble families where they managed to convince them to abandon the centuries-old rivalries. Alde's decisive leadership thus ended generations of strife and led to the eventual construction of the Elysium where Darrus was elected and anointed as the first king of Alderaan.[2]

By the time of the Cold War, the native insectoid Killiks had emerged and repopulated the region. This provoked increasing violent skirmishes with the neighburing Alderaanians. Furthermore, King's Pass was a strategic location which made it the point of heavy fighting between the major noble houses that fought for control.[2]



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