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"Welcome, my children. I am King Ommin!"
―King Ommin of Onderon — (audio) Listen (file info)[src]

King Katuunko of Toydaria

A King was the male head of a monarchic government. The female equivalent was the Queen. Like Naboo and Zeltros, some planets were ruled by an elective monarchy. Others, like Mon Calamari, had a hereditary position. Some, such as the Godkings of Abonshee, were even worshiped as gods. Several governments in the galaxy had Kings. The female equivalent was a Queen.

  • One of the leaders of the Zeltron species possessed the title of King.[2]

To some extent, it varied as to whether Kings had absolute power. In some cases, they were the highest authority, while in others, such as the Blood Monarchs of Thissipias, it was Parliament who did most of the government running. In general, however, their authority and influence is superseded by those holding the title of Emperor or Empress.


King Grakchawwaa of Kashyyyk



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