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"If we do not reclaim the delving citadels we will never fulfill the Empire's demands. And this is my kingdom. You must–"
"All you must do is obey, Queen Trios."
―Queen Trios and Darth Vader[5]

The Kingdom of Shu-Torun was the planetary government of Shu-Torun—a Human world in the Mid Rim. It became a tributary state of the Galactic Empire during the reign of Emperor Palpatine. Claiming the planet Shu-Torun as its domain, the kingdom was ruled by a hereditary monarchy, although the ore-dukes possessed considerable wealth and influence. Therefore, peace and stability on Shu-Torun depended on the throne's ability to maintain the allegiance of the nobility. A chancellor was appointed to run the day-to-day affairs of government on behalf of the Monarch of Shu-Torun.

Shu-Torun's volcanic environment granted the kingdom an abundance of natural resources, making it valuable to the galaxy's economy, and therefore, the Empire. By the time of the Galactic Civil War, Shu-Torun maintained a degree of autonomy so long as its people paid their ore quotas to the Empire. Shortly after the Battle of Yavin, the king conspired to assassinate the Emperor's right hand, Darth Vader, in an attempt to liberate the Shu-Torun homeworld from Imperial rule. The plot was foiled by the Sith Lord, who killed the conspirators save one: Princess Trios, the king's youngest heir and sole surviving member of the royal family. With the deaths of her father and siblings, Prince Monthan and Princess Hollian, Trios was crowned by Vader as the new Queen of Shu-Torun.


Protectorate of the Empire[]

"If your father spent such efforts in fulfilling his quotas, I would not need to be here, Princess Trios."
―Darth Vader speaks with Trios[1]

The king of Shu-Torun tried to have Darth Vader assassinated following the Battle of Yavin.

During the Age of the Empire, the Galactic Empire controlled the planet and its people through the monarchy of Shu-Torun. While Shu-Torun as a whole was ruled by a monarch, due to its wealth in minerals, its people ran a mining operation to extract their homeworld's ore in order to fill their quota as imposed by the Empire.[1]

Following the Battle of Yavin, the Empire increased its demand for ore to the point of causing dissatisfaction among the dukes and barons who exerted a degree of influence on the King of Shu-Torun. Facing pressure from the ore-dukes, the king conspired to assassinate Emperor Palpatine's emissary, the Sith Lord Darth Vader, but was killed by Vader's assassin droids instead. As a result, the crown passed to his sole-surviving heir, Princess Trios, whom Vader spared so that she may serve the Empire's interests as a vassal queen.[1]

Vader then handed her a package he had with him the whole time. Inside there was only a chunk of rock, which Vader explained was a piece of the planet Alderaan after its destruction by the Death Star due to its lack of loyalty to the Emperor. The queen said the ore-dukes would still resist her and the Empire, but Vader stated that she would put down any rebellion with aid from the Imperial Military and said that she and her people served the Empire.[1]

War on Shu-Torun[]

"So as queen and warlord, I say this: We must retreat. The ore-barons are too strong."
―Queen Trios to the War-Faith, as warlord[5]

Trios leading her army into battle.

While the Empire had Shu-Torun's full support following the coronation of Trios, the recently appointed sovereign faced a rebellion of disaffected ore-dukes led by Duke Rubix against her reign. Upon the growing situation, Palpatine sent Vader to lead military intervention to back the War-Faith in the face of the insurrection with the aid of Grand General Cassio Tagge. Trios decided to be on the frontlines herself alongside Vader, as otherwise her people would lose respect for her. During one attack, she declared that their foe was too strong and demanded a retreat. Lord Vader, however, refused as the battle was only a distraction to allow Tulon Voidgazer to destroy the ancient citadel. Trios would later ask Vader to treat her with respect in front of her subjects, fearing that she would have little power after the Imperials left. Vader stated that he would be respectful in front of her subjects as long as she never questioned him in public, which she agreed to and left.[5]

Trios and Vader sent a holographic to the ore-barons demanding their surrender, Trios then moved to the ancestral retreat of the Shu-Torun royalty. The retreat was then attacked by Rubix Lava Leviathan which had been sent to kill Trios. The queen would then flee in a shuttle with Vader as well as Morit Astarte and Aiolin Astarte. They then repositioned the shuttle above the Leviathan and dropped down onto it and entered the vessel where they battled through Rubix's soldiers onboard and destroyed his vessel, leaving it to sink into the magma below. In the aftermath, Trios requested that Rubix's delving citadel be the next target.[2]

Trios loyalists went against Rubix's forces at his citadel with Trios battle at first. However with the return of her Imperials returned and Trios knew that she had won the day, Vader forced Rubix to surrender immediately upon his arrival at the citadel. The duke declared he would recognize her rule. When she reached the traitor, he began to give a speech about his failure, but tired of hearing the baron speak, Trios ordered his immediate execution for the thousands of deaths he had caused, ending the war. The Empire then withdrew from Shu-Torun after the war, Trios had promised Vader that none of the barons involved in the war would survive her wrath, but that their family lines would continue to keep things in order. To aid her in this, Vader assigned a stormtrooper captain to remain with her and offer advice to the young queen.[6]

Galactic Civil War[]

Bleeding Jedha[]

"If anyone can bleed Jedha's husk dry of kyber, it's us."
―Trios when looking down upon the ruins of Jedha[7]

Miners from Shu-Torun were sent to Jedha to assist in Imperial efforts.

Upon the request of Darth Vader, Trios ordered her specialists to mine the ruins of Jedha. Vader further instructed her to leak information to the Alliance to Restore the Republic and act as a mole for the Empire to infiltrate the Rebellion, with this the Kingdom of Shu-Torun entered the Galactic Civil War which was being waged by the Rebel Alliance against the Galactic Empire. The Empire aimed to use the Shu-Torun mission to aid the rebels in building the Alliance Fleet so it can be easily destroyed once the rebels were assembled.[8]

However the Partisans posed an issue to mining production, Trios along with her Imperial advisor Commander Kanchar visited the Imperial controlled world to see Commander Befa, who was head of all mining operations due to the failure to deliver a single shipment of crystals. Kanchar relieved Befa of his post and killed him.[7] The exploratory force then dropped crystal resonators onto the surface and detected a large concentration of kyber crystals in what had once been the Catacombs of Cadera to which the former leader of the Partisans Saw Gerrera, had stolen sizeable amount of crystals from the Empire and stored them there. Trios then announced she would prepare an exploratory mission to the catacombs.[9]

An attack by the Partisans on the Leviathan occurred, however it was a two way assault as a group of rebels commanded by Princess Leia Organa had in fact managed to successfully reach the crawler's central control system nexus in a coordinated operation. Trios then confronted the princess[10] and in so doing this, the rebels would buy the lie, the queen asked Organa to punch her. Afterwards, Trios explained that Shu-Torun was allying with the Empire under false pretexts while at the same time sabotaging their efforts and wished to supply the Alliance with hidden stockpiled resources. Now with the rebels suspecting none the wiser, she allowed them to escape.[11]

Attack on the Mako-Ta Space Docks[]

"They're here. They expect nothing."
―Trios, reporting to Darth Vader about the Rebel Alliance[12]

Trios' and her forces attempted to flee as the attack began.

The Alliance at their base at the Mako-Ta Space Docks celebrated their victory after the mutiny on Mon Cala months earlier, and show their fleet to their allies where Organa spoke with Trios, telling her how they outfitted the cruisers with Shu-Torun technology to thank her for her help in getting them the cruisers as Chancellor Mon Mothma gave her speech. She told Trios how they outfitted the cruisers with Shu-Torun technology to thank her all her help, however Trios had opened a maximum secured channel and contacted Vader prior, alerting him to the location of the base and the new rebel fleet.[4][13]

Trios retreated as the Death Squadron started to attack the rebel fleet to her ship and tried to leave the base. However many rebel troopers began trying to board the ship and were able to break past her soldiers who were overrun. At this point Trios decided to make her escape as her men covered her. Only to be confronted by Organa where Trios told her that she would not let her world become another Alderaan.[14]

Scourging of Shu-Torrun[]

"Grand Marshal! What's going on?"
"We don't know. All communications with the outside are down. Something is interfering with all our operations…"
―Queen Trios and the Grand Marshal[3]

The Rebel Alliance later led a mission to Shu-Torun, seeking revenge against Trios for her betrayal at Mako-Ta, as well as striking an economic blow against the Empire. They planned to destroy the Spike, the backbone of Shu-Torun's infrastructure, which would turn one of the galaxy's marvels into a mere mining world with minimal casualties.[15]

The rebels kidnapped Lord Or-Tar and had Tunga pose as him to get close to Trios at her party.[15] The rebels and the partisans then planned their attack on the spike and headed to the spike to plant explosives. Trios realized that the rebels were there and planning something as the rebels were able to take the Falcon through the spike's shields and fought the guards. However, the Partisans decided to do more damage to Shu-Torun that would be similar to what happened to Jedha.[3]



"As long as Shu-Torun lives, everyone is expendable."
―Queen Trios, to Darth Vader[8]

Shu-Torun was ruled by the Monarch of Shu-Torun.

The Kingdom of Shu-Torun was a planetary constitutional monarchy led by a hereditary ruler who while a constitutional monarch, wielded immense political power with all the first-borns processing the status as heir apparents.[1] They were assisted by members of the government such as the chamberlain[2] and the chancellor.[16] to which could be held both by an individual at the same time, whom had the power to veto any decisions by a crowned monarch according to Shu-Torun tradition.[2][16]

The planet was divided into multiple baronies,[5] each based around a delving citadel and administered by members of the nobility—collectively known as the ore-dukes.[1]

Foreign relations[]

"I am a queen in search of an Alliance. A rebel one."
―Trios confronts Leia Organa aboard the Leviathan[11]

During the Imperial Era, the Kingdom of Shu-Torun was made a vassal of the Galactic Empire in the name of Emperor Palpatine, while retaining nominal independence and was not formally apart of the Empire— the Empire nevertheless controlled the monarchy via the demanding quotas it imposed on the world.[1]

Shu-Torun came into contact with Rebel Alliance after Shu-Torun entered the Galactic Civil War on the side of the Empire, with the Imperials requesting aid for the mining operations on Jedha, however this was a false flag as Shu-Torun was still allied with the Empire who wished to gather the Alliance Fleet into one location.[7] Once it was discovered Shu-Torun was fully with the Empire, relations were cut off.[14]


"The ore-dukes' domains are often in the heart of the harshest of environments. They bring the rarest minerals to the spires, where they are exported."
―Trios explains the ore-dukes' role[1]

Shu-Torun relied heavily to which it whole wealth was dependent on, this was the mining of rare ores that was extracted from dangerous resource-rich volcanic landscape on the planet, to which a group of nobles called the ore-dukes bought up and sent onwards to a number of spires on the planet for export.[1]


"Do you know how this world can even exist?"
"Of course. The Spike. The backbone of your infrastructure."
―Trios and Commander Kanchar[15]

The Spike, was a key structure built through the entire Shu-Torun and harnessed gravity fields from the planet's core to convert into energy, it thus was the backbone of Shu-Torun infrastructure.[15]


Claiming the volcanic, resource-rich planet Shu-Torun in the Mid Rim as its nucleus,[1] and established a joint presence with the Galactic Empire on the scared surface of Jedha to harvest the remaining kyber crystals.[7]



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