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"I have many servants, Doriana, but few as clever and as subtle as you."
―Darth Sidious[3]

Kinman Doriana, also known as Defender, was a male Human who came from the Chommell sector world of Naboo and served as one of Palpatine's most trusted aides during both the Republic and Imperial eras. As such, he witnessed Palpatine's rise through the political hierarchy, first as Naboo ambassador and then senator of the Chommell sector, before finally achieving the rank of Supreme Chancellor. By the end of the Clone Wars, Doriana's friend—a Dark Lord of the Sith in secret—ultimately became the Emperor of the first Galactic Empire.


Early exploits[]

"Married to politics, is that it?"
"To the work."
"To the work."
―A female hostess, Palpatine, and Doriana[1]

Meeting Palpatine[]

Kinman Doriana was a male Naboo who experienced a troubled youth, which may have caused him to develop certain skills. These skills brought him to the attention of Palpatine, who–following the instructions of his Sith Master Darth Plagueis–befriended Doriana and involved him in his schemes. Doriana became a "shadow advisor" to Palpatine, and few beings were aware of his name or position.[1] In 54 BBY,[5] several years after Palpatine first noticed Doriana, Doriana and Palpatine–who had become the ambassador-at-large for Naboo–attended a gala held for the victors of the Vinta Harvest Classic at the Eriaduan consulate on Malastare as members of Senator Vidar Kim's party. Sitting at a separate table from Senator Kim, Doriana and Palpatine conversed with an attractive, dark-haired female hostess.[1]

Senator Kim's wife and children died in an starship crash on Naboo around the time of the Malastare gala, and Doriana subsequently attended their funeral in Theed with Janus Greejatus, another ally of Palpatine. Vidar Kim was later assassinated, and Palpatine was appointed to succeed Kim as Naboo's Senator[1] in 52 BBY.[6] Senator Palpatine traveled to the galactic capital of Coruscant, and Doriana did the same, acquiring a residence on the 238th floor of the Third Ring Apartment Towers.[3] Doriana received guidance on Coruscant's underbelly from Sate Pestage, another associate of Palpatine with whom Doriana formed an immediate bond. Along with Pestage and Greejatus, Doriana accompanied Palpatine at Vidar Kim's funeral service, held at Naboo's embassy on Coruscant.[1]

Senatorial aide[]

"Pestage and Doriana have put a plan in place that will weaken the campaigns of your chief rivals."
―Darth Plagueis, to Darth Sidious[1]

As an aide of Senator Palpatine, Doriana worked with Pestage to maintain Palpatine's schedule, clandestinely attend to his dirty work,[7] and aid in the formulation of the Senator's plots and schemes.[8] Just over two standard months after Palpatine arrived on Coruscant, Doriana was present at Naboo's station in the Senate Rotunda as Palpatine announced Naboo's abstinence in the Senate's vote on whether to seat a number of Trade Federation client worlds. In the weeks following the vote, Doriana and Pestage frequently accompanied Palpatine in his nighttime explorations of Coruscant. Pestage later asked Doriana to monitor members of the Gran Protectorate who had established a contract with the Maladians to assassinate an unknown associate of Damask Holdings. The Maladians' target turned out to be Hego Damask–also known as Darth Plagueis–and Doriana failed to prevent the attempt on Damask's life.[1]

In 33 BBY,[9] as Palpatine instigated the Yinchorri Crisis, Doriana, along with Sate Pestage, assisted in the dumping of Jedi corpses on the threshold of Supreme Chancellor Finis Valorum and arranged for the infiltration of the Jedi Temple by Yinchorri warriors. Doriana was later present at Palpatine's station in the Senate Rotunda, gossiping with Pestage while Chancellor Valorum addressed the ongoing Yinchorri situation. Doriana, Pestage, and Palpatine later attended a Coruscant performance of the opera The Brief Reign of Future Wraiths as guests of Senator Orn Free Taa.[10] In 32.5 BBY,[9] Doriana and Pestage accompanied Palpatine at a special session at the Senate Rotunda, during which Chancellor Valorum called for renewed taxation of the trade routes to outlying systems.[10] In 32 BBY,[9] Palpatine's apprentice Darth Maul–who was aware of Doriana's identity[11]–injured an information broker named Lorn Pavan in the process of eliminating Hath Monchar, a treacherous associate of Palpatine, and Doriana and Pestage subsequently escorted Pavan downside to receive medical attention.[1]

Doriana had become linked to Valorum's aide Sei Taria by the time of the Trade Federation's blockade of Naboo[7] later in 32 BBY,[9] and worked to further Palpatine's political interests during the blockade by coordinating with Pestage, Greejatus, Armand Isard, and others to plant incriminating evidence and expose certain cases of corruption. With Pestage, Doriana conceived a strategy to weaken the campaigns of Palpatine's primary rivals for the chancellorship: Senator Ainlee Team's protection of a Dug associate of Gardulla the Hutt and the Bando Gora would be exposed to Bail Antilles, who would in turn appear to be an overzealous reformer. Following the call for a Vote of No Confidence against Chancellor Valorum, Doriana was present at Naboo's station in the Senate Rotunda with Pestage and Quarsh Panaka, and Magister Hego Damask edged past him and the other two men to meet with Palpatine.[1]

Serving the Chancellor[]

"Lord Sidious has many servants."
"Yet this particular servant resides in the Supreme Chancellor's Office. That must be very useful for him."
―Doriana and Vicelord Siv Kav[3]

Conspiracy on Barlok[]

Doriana, still considered a young man, continued to assist and advise Palpatine after Palpatine assumed the position of Supreme Chancellor. Doriana also began to serve the Sith Lord Darth Sidious in secret, and was under the impression that Sidious and Chancellor Palpatine were separate individuals. In his position within the Supreme Chancellor's Office, Doriana worked on Sidious's behalf to shield the Trade Federation from prosecution for its actions on Naboo. At some point, Sidious and Doriana became aware of a mysterious group of extragalactic beings known as the "Far Outsiders", who appeared to be making preparations for a future invasion of the galaxy. Concerned that the Far Outsiders' efforts would accelerate if they were able to intercept the upcoming Outbound Flight mission, Sidious and Doriana arranged for its destruction. Due to the expected presence of Jedi–who were capable of manipulating the minds of organic beings–on Outbound Flight, Doriana proposed the use of droid starfighters in the attack.[3]

Five years after Palpatine's election, Doriana was introduced to Jedi Master Jorus C'baoth in Chancellor Palpatine's inner office when C'baoth arrived to discuss the Outbound Flight project with Palpatine. During the meeting, Doriana proposed dispatching C'baoth to resolve a dispute between Barlok and the Corporate Alliance as a means of persuading the Senate Appropriations Committee to undo reductions in the funding of the project. Palpatine and C'baoth were receptive and agreed to follow Doriana's suggestion. Dismissed by Palpatine, Doriana then returned to his apartment, where he made contact with Darth Sidious via holoprojector and informed the Sith Lord of C'baoth's impending departure for Barlok. Doriana recruited the Brolf known as Patriot and his allies to carry out a plot against the Barlok negotiations, considering them ideal pawns.[3]

On Barlok, Doriana provided Patriot with a data card that would act as a course director for a missile in what Doriana claimed was a planned attempt to assassinate C'baoth, Magistrate Passel Argente, and Guildmaster Gilfrome the following day. In reality, the goal of Sidious and Doriana's scheme was merely to frighten both sides of the negotiations into accepting C'baoth's terms; Doriana had also applied a shroud-liquid sprayer to the missile to ensure the weapon would not be stopped until it reached the conference chamber, where C'baoth was expected to dramatically bring the weapon to a halt. Events occurred as planned at the negotiations, with Doriana observing the scene from a hotel room balcony, and Doriana subsequently made contact with Sidious via holoprojector again to report the operation's success. Sidious instructed Doriana to leave Barlok and return to his official business, and to become Chancellor Palpatine's personal liaison to the final preparations for Outbound Flight.[3]

Encounter with the Chiss[]

"We intend no harm to you or your people. But I'm afraid the details of our mission must remain confidential."
"I'm afraid in turn that your reassurances are insufficient."
―Doriana meets Commander Thrawn[3]

Three weeks before Outbound Flight was scheduled to leave Republic space, Doriana retrieved the final crew and passenger list for the voyage from Captain Pakmillu on Yaga Minor. While examining the list, Doriana noticed the presence of three additional Jedi: C'baoth's former Padawan Lorana Jinzler, Obi-Wan Kenobi, and Kenobi's Padawan Anakin Skywalker. Doriana traveled by shuttle to the Yavvitiri Spaceport, where he passed through security to reach the restricted zone on the far side of the spaceport where his ship was berthed. Inside his ship, Doriana met with Trade Federation Vicelord Siv Kav before making another report to Darth Sidious, whom Doriana informed of the additional Jedi on Outbound Flight. Sidious initially ordered Doriana to ensure Anakin Skywalker was removed from the ship, but to Doriana's relief, he then decided to deal with Skywalker himself. Sidious also directed Doriana to intercept Outbound Flight at the first of its two planned navigational checks outside Republic space.[3]

Doriana and Kav boarded the Trade Federation battleship Darkvenge and traveled to the coordinates of Outbound Flight's first stop as part of a fifteen-ship task force–which, under Sidious's orders, was staffed by crews of minimal size to reduce the risk of their plot being discovered. Doriana privately worried that Sidious intended to eliminate any survivors of the mission, and he felt that the reduced crew sizes would work in Sidious's favor if this was indeed the case. Outbound Flight was expected to arrive at the location in a little over eleven days, and Doriana convinced Kav to ensure their task force's preparedness for the upcoming attack by running training exercises over that time. Prior to Outbound Flight's arrival, however, the task force was discovered by a group of Chiss Expansionary Defense Fleet vessels led by Commander Mitth'raw'nuruodo, who hailed the fleet and demanded that they identify themselves and state their intentions.[3]

Hauled out of bed, Doriana reached the bridge of the Darkvenge ten minutes after the Chiss established contact. Noticing that Mitth'raw'nuruodo spoke Basic, Doriana imagined that the commander might be a pirate who possessed some knowledge of the outer reaches of the Republic, or that he and his forces might have been sent as spies by the Jedi, by Palpatine, or by some other party. Doriana, unlike Kav, did not perceive the Chiss fleet as a definite threat, and introduced himself to Thrawn under the alias of "Commander Stratis" through an open hailing channel. Refusing to disclose any details regarding their mission, Doriana failed to convince Thrawn that his task force posed no threat to Thrawn or his people. The discussion was cut short by an impatient and overconfident Kav, who ordered an attack on Thrawn's forces.[3]

As the engagement began, Doriana continued to urge caution from Kav, and unsuccessfully attempted to persuade the Vicelord not to split the fleet by sending the Keeper to enter the battle. Chiss fighters then used Conner nets to create a gap in the task force's defensive screen of starfighters, and Doriana demanded that Kav activate the rest of their starfighters. Kav obeyed Doriana's command, only for the Chiss to jam the task force's communication signals, taking all their starfighters offline. All vessels in the task force except the Darkvenge were subsequently destroyed or disabled, and Doriana directed Kav to surrender to the Chiss attackers. Commander Thrawn then boarded the Darkvenge and met Doriana and Kav on the ship's bridge. Thrawn was accompanied by two Chiss guards and a Human named Jorj Car'das, whom he introduced as a prisoner and a suspected spy. Doriana, however, correctly deduced that this was a deception to make him believe Thrawn would not listen to Car'das's advice.[3]

Again, Thrawn asked Doriana to explain the purpose of his task force's presence. Doriana led Thrawn to Kav's command office, where–while seated in Vicelord Kav's chair–he told Thrawn of the Outbound Flight mission and attempted to convince him that the Jedi on board would attempt to impose their will on Thrawn's people if they traveled through Chiss space in the course of their mission. Noting the presence of Car'das, Doriana attempted to portray the Jedi in a negative fashion while avoiding any falsehoods that would be obvious to a being who was familiar with them. After Doriana finished speaking, Thrawn ordered him and Kav to remain on the bridge of the Darkvenge, and informed Doriana that a Chiss team would soon board to examine the ship and its equipment. Doriana agreed to cooperate, overruling Kav's protestations. After Thrawn's departure, Doriana explained to a still-defiant Kav that he had formulated a new strategy to ensure that Sidious's mission was completed: He would persuade Thrawn to destroy Outbound Flight.[3]

Alliance with Thrawn[]

"Vicelord, I strongly suggest you remember our ultimate objective here. We've been sent to destroy Outbound Flight. Without Mitth'raw'nuruodo's aid, we have no chance of doing that."
―Doriana reasons with Siv Kav[3]

Two days after the initial meeting with Thrawn, the Darkvenge completed its voyage to a location specified by Thrawn, where Doriana welcomed Thrawn onto the bridge once again. Thrawn ordered Doriana to begin unloading the battleship's droid starfighters for transport to a nearby asteroid. Curious as to why Thrawn wanted the starfighters removed from the Darkvenge, Doriana asked Thrawn if he intended to stop Outbound Flight. Thrawn, who suspected Doriana's task force had been allied with Outbound Flight rather than seeking to destroy it, stated that he would only do so if Doriana revealed his true motivations. In response, Doriana led Thrawn into the office where they had conferred before, where he revealed his true identity, his dual allegiances to Chancellor Palpatine and Darth Sidious, and his knowledge of the Far Outsiders. Via holoprojector, Doriana then introduced Thrawn to Sidious, who approved of Thrawn's role in their plot.[3]

After communications with Sidious concluded, Thrawn requested a full technical readout on Outbound Flight from Doriana and informed him that, in addition to the droid starfighters, he would need two droidekas and four battle droids packed and loaded aboard his long-range shuttle for transport to his base. Doriana complied with Thrawn's orders, though he suspected that Vicelord Kav would be displeased by such concessions. Doriana also advised Thrawn not to attempt to adapt the droidekas' force shields for use by his warriors due to the hazardous magnetic fields and radiation involved with the technology.[3] Later, after the last group of droid starfighters had been deployed to the asteroid, Doriana went to the Supreme Officers' dining room of the Darkvenge to get something to eat. Noticing a fuming Kav seated at a corner table and wary of provoking the vicelord, Doriana ordered the serving droid to a table on the opposite side of the room.[3]

Doriana was halfway through his dinner when Kav made his way across the room and informed him that Thrawn had ordered the droid starfighters reprogrammed for close-range attacks. Kav expected this strategy to fail and explained to Doriana–who considered the same strategy feasible, but risky–that he had ordered the creation of a secondary attack pattern, which he would activate if and when Thrawn's primary pattern failed. Though disgusted by Kav's intent to prove himself superior to Thrawn at the potential expense of their mission, Doriana decided that the vicelord's plan would probably result in success. Doriana ultimately agreed to Kav's plan, but pointed out that they would need to be on the bridge of Thrawn's ship when the battle with Outbound Flight began. By this time, Doriana had come to the conclusion that, as a witness to Sidious' plans, Thrawn would have to be eliminated. Doriana had been greatly impressed by Thrawn's tactical abilities, however, and considered his death an unfortunate necessity.[3]

Destroying Outbound Flight[]

"Time to join the party?"
"No. Time to start one of our own."
―Doriana and Thrawn, as the attack on Outbound Flight commences[3]

Doriana looks on as Commander Thrawn is Force choked by Jorus C'baoth

Doriana, along with Kav, was allowed onto the bridge of Thrawn's Springhawk, which traveled to a system that lay between Outbound Flight's previous stop and the system in which the ambush had initially been planned to take place. There, Thrawn used a gravity projector to pull Outbound Flight out of hyperspace; the fact that the Chiss possessed such technology, which was unavailable in the Republic, concerned Doriana. In defiance of Thrawn, Kav immediately moved to launch the droid starfighters by activating his secret programming layer. Fearing that Outbound Flight might escape if Kav interfered with Thrawn's plans, Doriana attempted to grab Kav's comm activator. Doriana moved too late to stop Kav, but Thrawn had already discovered Kav's second programming layer and removed it.[3]

Thrawn then opened a communications channel with Outbound Flight, threatening to destroy them if they refused to return to Republic space, and gave them one hour to consider the offer. Doriana then saw a force of hundreds of alien ships appear at the edge of Thrawn's gravity trap, and Thrawn informed him that the vessels belonged to the nomadic Vagaari. The Jedi on board Outbound Flight mentally incapacitated the Vagaari–a feat that unnerved Doriana–and Thrawn finally launched the droid starfighters against the Vagaari. Kav, who had expected the starfighters to be used against Outbound Flight, argued with Thrawn, who reminded Kav that the starfighters were not the only Neimoidian technology he had seized. This statement startled Doriana, who feared that the droidekas Thrawn had taken from the Darkvenge had been placed behind him and Kav. Doriana saw no such thing when he turned around, however, and Thrawn revealed that the droidekas were in fact on the bridge of the Vagaari flagship.[3]

While the starfighters attacked the Vagaari ships, the Springhawk and the rest of the Chiss ships moved to attack Outbound Flight, and Thrawn's forces destroyed the mission's weapons and shield generators with an efficiency that impressed Doriana. To Doriana's surprise, the Chiss then pulled away from their attack, and Thrawn opened communications with Outbound Flight once again. Thrawn repeated his previous ultimatum, eventually receiving a response from an injured Jorus C'baoth. Seeing C'baoth still alive, Doriana urged Thrawn to simply destroy Outbound Flight. Thrawn, however, unsuccessfully attempted to reason with C'baoth, who began choking him through the Force. Doriana reflexively grabbed at Thrawn's collar in a futile attempt to free him from C'baoth's hold before being pushed aside by the bridge crew of the Springhawk. Desperate to stop C'baoth, Doriana then activated a switch on the ship's control board that redirected the starfighters from the Vagaari fleet to Outbound Flight.[3]

Doriana watched as the starfighters flew into a renewed attack on Outbound Flight in which C'baoth was killed, saving Thrawn from certain death. Thrawn then informed Doriana that ten pairs of the starfighters had been equipped with radiation weapons that had been intended for the Vagaari, and shipboard combat against those Vagaari who remained in the disabled ships would be necessary as a result of their use against Outbound Flight. With Outbound Flight destroyed and its Jedi dead, Doriana decided that eliminating Thrawn was the only task that remained before his mission was complete. Doriana thought he might be able to kill Thrawn undetected amidst the confusion of shipboard fighting, and after apologizing for his unauthorized redirection of the starfighters, he requested and obtained permission from Thrawn to join the Chiss forces in their attack on the Vagaari remnants–ostensibly out of a desire to observe Chiss soldiers in action.[3]

Completing the mission[]

"A moment ago you spoke of trust between us. What exactly did you have in mind?"
"For the moment, nothing. Each of us has our own peoples to defend and our own politics to deal with. But in the future, who can tell? Perhaps someday our peoples will end up fighting side by side against this threat."
"I hope so. I, for my part, intend to work with our leaders to prepare as best I can for that day."
―Doriana and Thrawn discuss the possibility of cooperation against the Far Outsiders[3]

Traveling to the Vagaari fleet, Doriana donned a vac suit and joined Thrawn and others in rescuing Jorj Car'das from captivity. Doriana was surprised by Car'das's presence on board the ship; Thrawn confirmed to Doriana that Car'das was not a spy, and that his accusations to the contrary on the Darkvenge were meant to protect Admiral Ar'alani. Doriana immediately understood that Ar'alani had to avoid official involvement in the events surrounding Outbound Flight, leaving Thrawn and Car'das to be held responsible. Car'das then inquired about the fate of Outbound Flight, and Thrawn and Doriana informed him of its destruction, with Doriana admitting that he had pressed the button that triggered the final starfighter attack. Doriana never saw an opportunity to assassinate Thrawn during the trip to the Vagaari fleet, and returned to the Springhawk while Thrawn departed to a transport ship to meet with Ar'alani. It occurred to Doriana that Car'das, who he presumed would soon return to Republic space, would have to be silenced after Thrawn was killed.[3]

In a prep room on the Springhawk, Doriana removed his vac suit while informing Kav that Thrawn was still alive. Kav, in turn, provided Doriana with a hold-out blaster, which Doriana concealed in his pocket. Doriana then informed Kav of Thrawn's whereabouts and asked Kav to let him decide the timing of the assassination. A pair of Chiss later escorted Doriana to the command bridge of another Chiss ship, where Aristocra Chaf'orm'bintrano alleged that Doriana had planned to attack the Chiss Ascendancy. With Thrawn translating the conversation, Doriana denied the accusations that he or Outbound Flight had acted aggressively toward the Chiss and claimed that he was an ambassador of the Galactic Republic who had been on a mission of goodwill and exploration. Doriana also disputed Chaf'orm'bintrano's claim to the remains of Outbound Flight–arguing that, as a representative of the government that had launched the mission, full salvage rights belonged to him–and demanded a hearing and judgment before any Chiss were allowed to board the craft.[3]

While Thrawn, Chaf'orm'bintrano, and a third Chiss argued, Doriana gazed out the bridge canopy and noticed Outbound Flight jump to lightspeed. Doriana realized that Thrawn had orchestrated the ongoing confrontation to stall for time while his associates took control of Outbound Flight, and assumed that the uncertainty he had created over the craft's ownership comprised another element of Thrawn's scheme. Impressed again by Thrawn's strategic abilities, Doriana then interrupted the three Chiss to notify them of Outbound Flight's departure. Doriana, along with Thrawn and Car'das, subsequently faced threats of prosecution for treason from Chaf'orm'bintrano. Ar'alani pointed out in response that non-Chiss could not be charged with treason, and Thrawn forced Chaf'form'bintrano to back down by threatening to withhold his gravfield projector technology from the Chiss Defense Fleet. Ar'alani then released Doriana and Car'das to Thrawn, who allowed Doriana and Kav to return to the Darkvenge.[3]

Thrawn led Doriana and Kav to the command office of the Darkvenge, where he informed Doriana that he believed that there should be no further contact between the Chiss and the Republic. Doriana expressed confusion regarding Thrawn's statement, claiming that their partnership had proved mutually beneficial, to which Thrawn responded with a thinly-veiled threat to expose Doriana's efforts to sabotage Outbound Flight to the Republic. Fearing that Thrawn had somehow deduced or discovered his intent to assassinate him, Doriana reached toward his hold-out blaster and gripped the weapon as he attempted to convince himself of the necessity of Thrawn's death. As Thrawn suspected, Doriana ultimately found himself unwilling to kill a being of such ingenuity, and set his blaster on an empty chair between himself and Thrawn. Kav then attempted to kill Thrawn with another hold-out blaster, but the vicelord died instead when the shot was deflected back at him by a shield taken from one of the droidekas.[3]

Doriana was responsible for bringing Thrawn to the attention of Darth Sidious

Noting that the droideka's shield would not have prevented him from shooting Thrawn, Doriana inquired as to why Thrawn was willing to take such a risk. Thrawn replied that he had wished to determine whether he could trust Doriana, and revealed to Doriana that, unlike the Republic, the Chiss had encountered the Far Outsiders before. Doriana frantically asked Thrawn for data regarding the numbers, weaponry, and combat performance of the Far Outsiders, believing that he might be able to obtain forgiveness for the loss of the Trade Federation task force if he provided Sidious with such information. Doriana and Thrawn ultimately agreed to work toward the goal of a potential alliance between the Chiss and the Republic in the coming fight against the Far Outsiders, though Doriana felt that Sidious's hatred of non-Humans could make such efforts difficult. Thrawn finally declared that Doriana and the Darkvenge were free to leave, with Doriana bidding Thrawn to keep his hold-out blaster as a souvenir of their first victory together.[3]

Arrangement with Car'das[]

Prior to his departure, Doriana discussed another matter with Thrawn. Claiming to be impressed by Jorj Car'das's infiltration of the Vagaari, Doriana asked Thrawn to deliver an invitation to the smuggler: Doriana offered Car'das passage back to the Republic on the Darkvenge, employment in creating and operation a private information network for him, several months of training, and access to some of the contacts and resources that were at his disposal in the Republic. Car'das accepted Doriana's offer,[3] and upon their return to Republic space, Doriana aided Car'das in the establishment of a smuggling operation that would also serve as a spy ring for Darth Sidious. Doriana did not disclose his involvement with Sidious to Car'das, however.[12]

Separatist Crisis[]

"The committee is just as the Supreme Chancellor said it is, a steering committee to help in upcoming negotiations with the Separatists. It's not much of a shadow government if someone as myopic as Mr. Boon can find it."
―Doriana, regarding the Loyalist Committee[src]

Doriana remained in Palpatine's service in 22 BBY, serving as a functionary of the Supreme Chancellor alongside Sly Moore.[13] In that year, Doriana discussed and defended Palpatine's Loyalist Committee on the morning show Amberdawn and made light of Brookish Boon's controversial accusations that the Committee was a "shadow government."[14]

Clone Wars[]

In month twelve of the Clone Wars, Doriana was dispatched by Palpatine to the planet Cartao, home of Spaarti Creations. A battle with forces of the Confederacy of Independent Systems ensued, and most of the cloning cylinders were destroyed. Those that remained were sent in secret by Palpatine to Wayland and Byss.[15]

Imperial period[]

Following the establishment of the Galactic Empire, Doriana continued to serve as an advisor and remained close to Palpatine, who reigned as the new government's Emperor.[4] Doriana died[16] sometime before 4 ABY.[2]


"Fortunately for that remnant, and perhaps one day for the galaxy as a whole, among the survivors was the leader of the task force, one of Palpatine's advisers. A man named Kinman Doriana."
"I've heard it, yes."
"I thought you would have. Very much a shadow adviser—few people ever even heard his name, let alone knew his true position and power."
Voss Parck and Mara Jade recall Doriana's achievements[16]

Doriana was remembered as having played a key role in Palpatine's ascension to power, and those who were familiar with him sometimes speculated that Palpatine had attempted to replace the deceased advisor with three other individuals: Darth Vader, Grand Admiral Thrawn, and Mara Jade. Doriana remained obscure for some time after his death, and a historical chronicle published in 36 ABY contained no mention of him in its account of Outbound Flight's fate, although the work did mention his actions on Cartao during the Clone Wars.[9] Nevertheless, by 55 ABY his role in the destruction of Outbound Flight was well-known enough to be acknowledged by Lenang O'Pali in his work Mitth'raw'nuruodo Reconsidered: A Patriot's Perspective.[17]

Personality and traits[]

"I have many servants, Doriana, but few as clever and as subtle as you."
―Darth Sidious[3]

Kinman Doriana was a male human senatorial aide hailing from Naboo, he had dark hair and green eyes. He was clever and subtle, which the galaxy's Emperor, Palpatine, recognized.[3]



Notes and references[]