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Kinooine was a planet in the Wild Space, beyond the end of the Hydian Way.[1] It was there that Lumiya and the Nagai set up their combined forces' headquarters.

Luke Skywalker sent an Alliance scouting party to the planet which disappeared, captured by Lumiya and Den Siva. Having lost contact, Skywalker, Dani, and Kiro went to the planet to investigate. Skywalker engaged Lumiya in combat, but was defeated: he and Dani were imprisoned by the Nagai, but rescued by Kiro. Skywalker created a makeshift short lightsaber and used Jar'Kai to defeat Lumiya, destroying her lightwhip. Kiro was seemingly killed by Den Siva, but Skywalker and Dani escaped the planet, even as the combined Imperial/Nagai invasion fleet amassed over the planet.

Following the toppling of the Empire Reborn, a remnant of the Firrerreo people settled on the planet. Unlike their fellow remnant on Belderone, they survived the Yuuzhan Vong War.[source?]



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