"The Kintan Kings only understand one language, Ambassador."
―Bareesh the Hutt, referring to the gangs violence.[src]

The Kintan Kings was a criminal gang of Nikto that operated in the Old Republic era and resided on Nar Shaddaa. Originally, they were led by Bareesh the Hutt and operated from the Nikto Sector. However, during the Cold War, leadership of the gang was usurped from the Hutt by a group of powerful Nikto that called themselves The Mountain. Following that point, they became a violent gang and staged operations against the Galactic Republic.

On one of these occasions, they stole the passcodes from Republic Diplomatic Corps Minister Plennid, which was actually a diversion to hijack a freighter carrying cybernetic enhancements provided by Bareesh for the Republic. This would have allowed the group to completely compromise Republic security on Nar Shaddaa. Despite all attempts, the gang remained in control of the Deucalon Spaceport Plaza and had even butchered a Jedi in the open street that had been sent to aid Ambassador Averdon. As a result, Averdon and Bareesh tasked a Republic official with striking back at the threat posed by the Kintan Kings.



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