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The Kintan Striders Gang was a Nikto gang active in the Dune Sea on Tatooine during the early New Republic Era. The gang shared its name with the Nikto homeworld of Kintan, and were named after the creature Kintan strider. While a prisoner of a Tusken tribe, Boba Fett witnessed the speeder bike gang raid a farmer's compound on Tatooine. The gang left their mark on a wall. He later tracked down members of the gang at Tosche Station on the outskirts of Anchorhead. While members of the gang were being rowdy and hassling Camie Marstrap and Laze Loneozner, Boba Fett entered. The gang fought the former bounty hunter and were defeated. Boba Fett took their speeder bikes back to his Tusken tribe. After Fett's Tusken tribe was massacred, with the Striders' logo found as graffiti on the ruins, he attacked a group of Kintan Striders and destroyed them, despite the Striders' having been framed by the Pyke Syndicate.


The Kintan Striders Gang were a group of Nikto gangsters and speed bikers, named after[4] the Kintan strider,[5] a deadly beast from the Nikto homeworld[4] of Kintan.[6] They bore a skeletal gang symbol,[7] and were known to leave behind and similar symbol at sites they raided.[8] The Nikto gangsters liked to steal credits from small town residents,[9] plunder homesteads for resources like water,[1] and demand protection money from other factions that crossed their territory.[8] The Kintan Striders was known to have burly obnoxious members[4] who wore brown clothing and leather jackets, a number of them donning masks, goggles or head coverings while they traveled by speeder bike.[10] Their speeders were overpowered repulsorcraft that were crafted for maximum speed and had many comforts and safety features stripped away.[7]


By 4 ABY,[11] the Kintan Striders Gang operated in the Dune Sea territories on the desert planet Tatooine. Members of the gang raided one homestead, stealing some of its supply of water before leaving on their speeder bikes. From a distance a Tusken Raider child witness the raid happen, accompanied by his massiff and two chained prisoners, a Rodian and Boba Fett.[1] Eventually, the Pyke Syndicate began transporting sansanna spice through the Dune Sea. Sharing territory with the syndicate's operations, the Kintan Striders took protection money from the Pykes. Similarly, a Tusken Raider tribe came into conflict with the Pyke Syndicate's spice transportation.[8]

A Nikto biker attacks Laze Loneozner

Fett, who had become a member of the tribe, decided to help his new people and followed the trail of a group of Kintan Strider bikers to[9] the power station and repair shop Tosche Station in the outskirts of the settlement Anchorhead.[12] There, the Nikto bikers drank and talked amongst each other, one going on to steal food and drink from a couple of patrons, Laze Loneozner and Camie Marstrap. Loneozner then went on to protest the Kintan Striders, who responded by beating the man and holding back his partner. That was when Fett arrived and began fighting the Niktos. Fett defeated the group of bikers and left Tosche Station with their speeder bikes.[9]

Fett donated the stolen Kintan Strider bikes to his Tusken tribe, training their warriors on them. The tribe then attacked and crashed a Pyke Syndicate repulsortrain, Fett sending off the Pyke survivors with terms of protection money.[9] The syndicate's boss on Tatooine brought the terms to his superiors on[8] the planet[13] Oba Diah, who refused to pay both the Kintan Striders and the Tusken Raiders protection money at the same time. The boss brought the news to Fett when he visited the Pyke's headquarters on Tatooine, and Fett promised to deal with the Nikto bikers.[8]

The Slave I massacres the Kintan Striders

Wishing not to be taken advantage of, the Pyke boss had his men slaughter the Tusken Raider tribe[14] while Fett was meeting with him, leaving behind the Kintan Strider's signature emblem to frame the gang.[8] Falling for the Pykes' trick,[14] Fett vowed revenge on the Nikto bikers. After reclaiming his Firespray-31-class patrol and attack craft,[10] the Slave I,[15] around 9 ABY,[3] Fett intercepted the Kintan Striders while they rode through the dunes of Tatooine and opened fire on them. The Nikto bikers were all killed as a result.[10]

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