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The Kintan strider was a ferocious creature with incredible self-healing abilities. Extinct on their homeworld of Kintan, they were used as guard beasts by many Hutt gangsters.

Biology and appearance[]

A kintan strider dejarik piece.

Physically, these creatures were considered an ugly sight to behold, with notably bizarre features. Despite this appearance, Kintan striders were noted for ferocious, aggressive, and vicious behavior with a relentless blood-lust. Quick and agile, their exceptional healing capabilities made them formidable opponents, allowing them to survive seemingly mortal blows whereupon they swiftly recovered enough to bring like aggression to their attacker.[1]

White-colored, with large shoulders and arms dragging nearly to the ground, striders commonly carried sticks and large poles to use for weapons and as implements for eating.

Kintan striders were represented in dejarik games with a holomonster playing piece. One of the piece's tactics was the kintan strider death gambit.


Kintan striders were originally native to the Endless Wastes of Kintan. Their ferocity made them a respected adversary to generations of ancient Nikto orders. On their homeworld, striders became extinct due to a combination of pollution and over-hunting. It proved to be one of the last creatures to have died at the hands of the Nikto on Kintan. The creatures had been transported, bred, and domesticated on other worlds long before their demise on Kintan, however, thus preserving the species offworld.[1]



The Kintan strider Kar'sylic with "Plug-Eye" Maygo and Tu'rsc'yulir the Nikto.

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